1. Realistic Pro 2006  (GRE) with extras!

    Realistic Pro 2006 (GRE) with extras!

    Well kept, only used as a standby receiver. Please note all the details in the attachments; 1. Detachable line cord (for mobile use), 2. Separate power switch (volume setting remains pre-set from last on state). The AC xformer is not powered, unlike when using the volume controls 'off' setting...
  2. BCT15X for sale. $115.00 shipped!

    BCT15X for sale. $115.00 shipped!

    Excellent condition Uniden BCT15X scanner. Used in a smoke free home. Minor scratches on top. Includes the power adapter, stock antenna, and scanner. I do not have the original box or mounting bracket. Will except PAYPAL and ship via USPS mail with insurance and tracking.
  3. ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    Looking to sell my two whistlers that I have had over the years to take a further dive into the SDR world. What is pictured is what goes with it. The handheld is missing the clip and olive drab insert for the case. The base/mobile is missing the bracket, network cable(for different placement for...
  4. KI5UFO

    WTS Whistler TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is my Whistler TRX-2 base scanner. Recently purchased a SDS200 and with the purchase of a new car my plans of running dual scanners dropped since I'm not trying to drill any holes in the car. Looking to get 350 or best offer. It will come with all known accessories, I...
  5. Whistler WS1095 Digital Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler WS1095 Digital Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler 1095 Digital Scanner in excellent condition for $300. Works 100% and operated in non-smoking environment. Was purchased directly from Whistler on 4/23/2020. Scanner can be programmed using the free software provided by Whistler called EZ Scan. Includes the following: WS1095 Scanner...
  6. M

    Uniden SDS200 for sale

    I have a gently used SDS200 for sale. It is in excellent condition (one year old), has all parts, manual and original box/packaging except it will come with an upgraded Remotix 800Mhz antenna with 90degree BNC connector for back of unit. Price does not include shipping/insurance method of your...
  7. Uniden BCD536HP

    Uniden BCD536HP

    I’m selling a Uniden BCD536HP desktop base unit. It’s still currently selling for over $500+ and has the DMR & NXDN upgrade kits installed, which adds another $150 value to it. Has the capability to enter a zip code and finds local channels/trunking from that. It does Phase-2 digital P25 so...
  8. Working Pro 197, Missing antenna and power cord

    Working Pro 197, Missing antenna and power cord

    Works fine, just replaced with WS-1098 and downsizing. Great starter unit for someone. Does NOT include antenna or power cord. $65 includes shipping.
  9. Salvatorejrc

    Rooftop Suggestions

    What rooftop antenna models work nicely for VHF and UHF low? Any suggestions for ways to elevate the antenna signifigantly higher than my roof? Thanks
  10. D

    Minitor V Amplified Charger to 12v Bell

    Hi all, I know this topic has been posted many, many, times before, but much of the information is greatly outdated. Especially in terms of broken links, old info, etc. I am seeking some help that I would really appreciate. I recently just got an amplified charger base for my Minitor V. I am...


    Hi All I have 2 brand new, still in the package,Tram Model 1410 discone base scanner antennas. Antenna connector on these is SO-239 so you will need a PL-259 connector on your coax. Price is per antenna and shipping is a flat rate $5 to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Will ship...
  12. johnnyelectron

    Lucas/NW & MARCS reband 396T

    Hello, had a working 396XT on Lucas/NW Ohio simulcast and on the Toledo MARCS site. 396XT downgrade, replaced by 396T Uniden. Control Channel programming a non-starter on MARCS or on Lucas County simulcast on the 396T. Is there a specific "Bandplan" template that I need to program in addition to...
  13. C

    What antennas are others in our area using?

    So I just purchased my first base scanner antenna(a Centerfire tri-band 150/450/800 ground plane). Mainly because I was having issues receiving the Placer P25 system from my location about a half mile north of Roseville PD. I actually setup my Larsen tri-band mag mount, basically another...
  14. SpectralContent

    Windowsill, Non-Penetrating Antenna Mount Solutions?

    Hi all!, I am looking for a mount/a way to mount, a base antenna (DPD Productions TrainTenna Base Antenna) on my windowsill. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, I am not allowed to drill into the side of the house (it is brick anyways.) I was wondering if anyone had any tips, techniques...
  15. Astrogoth13

    Replacing a 2000 GTL's power cable with a 3 prong cable?

    The power wire on this Cobra 2000 is bad, but the radio is near perfect. So, I got a three conductor cable this morning. I plan to connect the ground wire to the metal body of the radio. Since that part is grounded through the antenna coax and a ground wire anyhow I see no problem. It might...
  16. metwrench

    NEED ADVICE on Base Antenna 400mhz Range

    I recently moved away from the City I need to Monitor. I'm about 30 Miles away now and The band I need to pick up is 470-500mhz Range. I run Bearcat Trunk Tracker and Currently I'm using a Discone which is NOT picking anything up. Questions to you : What antenna would you recommend ? How...
  17. AK4FD

    Magnetic mount antenna??

    Hey guys I have a question. I have the new Uniden BCD536HP scanner base unit for my house. I'm using the antenna it came with that screws into the back of the unit. However the way my house is positioned my reception on a UHF 453 frequency sucks when it SHOULD be crystal clear where I'm at...
  18. RadioGuy1951

    Your best FM DX

    What is your best FM DX...??? One of my best "catches" was many years ago in Novato, CA on a warm August day...I caught Floroda Highway Patrol TWO WAY DX on CHP Silver Base (42.08mhz) ... The florida dispatcher asked her units to 10-9 because they were covered by California traffic...
  19. S

    Help on getting better reception?

    Hello. I recently installed, on my chimney, a 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Base Antenna with a chimney mount. The antenna purchased is CENTERFIRE Antenna 1/4 wave VHF Base station antenna page I am running a VX-4000 VHF Mobile Radio off it it. I had a replaced a normal vehicle-type mount antenna with...
  20. mtfas

    Base Station Installation - New Jersey, US

    Folks, Our Township's First Aid Squad received permission to leverage an authorized VHF frequency. We have permission to use a communications tower in our vicinity but we have as of yet found any companies that can either provide cost effective service or provide this type of service for us...