1. P

    BC125AT Range upgrade for 5.5 Mi

    Hello, I'm currently living just a little over 5.5 miles from a big class bravo international airport and I want to be able to pick up the tower frequency with my Uniden BC125AT. Currently, I'm using the diamond rh77ca antenna but I cant pick up the actual ATC, only planes when they pass by. Is...
  2. JimD56

    Receive Sensitivity Specs BCT15x vs. BC125AT

    Is there any literature or anecdotal evidence here on the forum on the receive sensitivity specs of the BCT15x vs. the BC125AT when listening to UHF 453-460mhz Analog with the same antenna. I just picked up a BC125AT return on Amazon for $76 to monitor just one channel not tying up any of my...
  3. L

    Uniden BC125AT program software question.

    When programming my BC125AT with the software uniden offers I need to fill in every window separately. Here’s what I would like to do if possible. Highlight all 8 lines of information from radio reference, copy and paste them all in one shot? Is this possible with any of the other scanner...
  4. P

    Can dropping your BC125AT damage audio or reduce range?

    I recently dropped my Bearcat BC125AT scanner from my desk and onto the floor. When it fell I also accidentally ran over the top of the antenna with my chair although I picked it up quickly. My question is if there is a possibility that the scanners hardware was damaged or there are any...
  5. Uniden Bearcat BC125AT - used once!

    Uniden Bearcat BC125AT - used once!

    Uniden Bearcat BC125AT - used once! Paid new $140 In box with all accessories Use software (download) to program Alpha Tagging your channels Great Scanner for WX / Storm Spotting / HAM / Air etc. PAYPAL payment I will pay for shipping.
  6. D

    Any way to activate 58.000 to 108.000 on Uniden BC125AT

    I have a uniden BC125AT and I got thinking, is there any way to somehow get access to the 58.000 to 108.000 range or does the standard US model not have the supported electronic internals to access this? I understand the UBC125AT or X something which is available for the Australian and New...
  7. Ozpkmike


    I just ordered the bc125at and I live in queens new York. I want to listen to the local emergency services around the city would the stock antenna be able to do that or would I have to buy a better antenna and if so which antenna would you gentlemen prefer?
  8. 2

    Looking for handheld scanner for wireless microphone frequencies (500 MHz to 600 MHz)

    I am looking for a portable/handheld scanner that will lawfully pickup wireless microphone activity in the 500 MHz to 600 MHz frequency range (i.e. something I can take to an event like a Nascar race or a sporting event to be able to hear the commentary from the wireless mics used by the media...
  9. K

    Programming BC126AT

    Just got an Uniden BC125AT and would like to learn how yo download frequencies to my scanner. What pc software do I use, and where do I get it? I'm finding that this is not an easy task for beginners, and I don't want to enter each one individually.
  10. D

    Need help with trying to pick the best Antenna

    Hello everyone so I haven't been into scanning since the early 90's I recently got my hands on the Uniden BC125AT handheld and I would like to get a better antenna for it reason being some channels come in scratchy and there not that far away, but I have no idea which is the best to buy. The...
  11. UnHumanReactions

    BC125AT CTCSS Squelch Tail Elimination

    I have a BC125AT and I have noticed when I program repeaters with the Rx CTCSS, it will mute the squelch tail, but not all the time. Sometimes it go multiple transmissions and it won't catch the reverse burst and will leave the squelch tail audible. And it does this with all repeaters using...
  12. mattw19781

    Just bought bc125at & bct15x

    i have just bought the bc125at handheld and bct15x base/mobile scanners and have been playing around with them for a day, i think they are great radios to replace the bc72xlt and bc355n that i had been using i would be interested in hearing what other users of these radios have to say about them...
  13. J

    Is trunking good for railfan?

    Hello, currently have the uniden bc125at, great scanner love it, but recently broke it, just uad a question im interested in getting maybe a bcd346xt off someone online and im now hearing that trunk tracker or trunking is not the best for railfanning is this true? Would the 346xt offer me the...
  14. E

    BC125AT: frequency out of range error message

    Im actually tryin to program some frequencies into my BC125AT with the sentinel program software. the software reads the scanner with no issues. but when i try to write a frequency, the same error message always appear ''frequency out of range'' can someon help me ?
  15. A

    BC125AT: Version 1.04.02 PC Connection

    My PC does not recognize scanner when I plug in to USB port with supplied cable. Software version is 1.04.02.
  16. D

    BC125AT: Firmware enhancement suggestions

    Hi all, Recently got into scanning and am currently enjoying my new BC125AT. After playing with it for a week, got a couple of suggestions, which Uniden might want to include in some form in the future firmware release (should there be one) 1 - limit the default Civil Air service search to...
  17. N

    Tecsun PL-660 vs Uniden BC125AT for Air Band

    This is somewhat longwinded so please bear with me. This is kind of an aircraft monitoring/equipment question. I'm about 8 miles north of KSNA and monitor flights on approach with my Tecsun PL-660 with the built in telescoping antenna. Aircraft on approach sound great, as they normally call...
  18. alabamanick

    BC125AT: Scanner will only pick up one frequency

    So I've had the BC125AT for over a year, and it was working perfectly until one day it would not pick up anything. I mainly use it to listen to railroad operations. Even if I was next to the repeater, I heard nothing. However, a few weeks later I tried the weather, and 162.4000 is the ONLY thing...
  19. B

    BC125AT: weather scan...how to turn off?

    I have a disabled friend who has a BC125AT that appears to be stuck in the weather scan mode. I read the instructions and found how to turn it on,,,,,but not how to turn it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  20. toastycookies

    Looking for sub $200 scanner BC125AT vs BCT15X

    Howdy. Just getting back into the radio scene after many years. My 2 most recent (10 years ago?) dedicated receivers were the Icom IC-R10 and the RS Pro-64 (i know, OLD). They are long gone. Anyways, a little background. I am up here in Maine and have been stuck inside for the past month due...