1. C

    BC125AT: Never Fully Charged

    I just bought the is Uniden BC125AT and am using the supplied batteries. It is set for a 14 hour charge, but I have had it plugged in for longer than that by quite some time. Since I received the scanner a few days ago it has never indicated a full charge. Is there something I am missing? I have...
  2. N

    BC125 AT Scanner Help

    Hey guys, first post following the purchase of my first scanner! Need some help figuring this out. I downloaded the software on my computer and programmed my scanner as such: Bank1: police (all)/fire/ems dispatch Bank 2: Fire dispatch, fire 2,3,4,5 Bank 3: Sheriff disp, Sheriff Car-to-car...
  3. A

    BC125AT Firmware Version 01.04.02

    When trying to download programming software for my new BC125AT scanner, I accidentally installed an old version of the firmware (1.03.01). How can I restore my scanner to the original firmware? Also, my owner's manual instructs me to go to the uniden site to download the programming software...
  4. A

    BC125AT - Suggestions and comments

    Let me start by saying I'm an avid radio buff, operating multiple scanners and ham radios and other equipment 24/7. This is not a full review since others have done a pretty decent job of that already. First impressions: The multi-function knob changes channels when turned, adjusts volume...
  5. T

    BC125AT Won't Communicate with FreeSCAN

    Hey all! Been a while since I was last around, but I got a question for you. My grandfather bought himself a BC125AT recently, and I offered to program it for him (he only ever used the service search on his older RS handheld). I downloaded and installed the USB driver successfully, but it...
  6. esalach

    New to the game BC125AT

    Good afternoon, and Merry Christmas to all, My wife got me a Uniden BC125AT for Christmas. After some stumbling around with a half read through the instructions I was able to find the local police department I was looking for. This was a great surprise seeing that they were cut off of Radio...
  7. H

    Limit scanning for BC125AT

    The 500 channels for the scanner for divided bands per 50 channels. I used the button "Srch/Svc" but it did only the scanning band 8 (CB). I wanted scanning for the band 1 (police) but I could not program the scanner, Could provide the info? Ham84
  8. LostnFound

    Green Horn

    Hi Everyone, I am not just a newb but completely green to this hobby. I got hooked about 15 years ago when my landlord lent his portable handheld scanner, I knew nothing about, not how to program it, all I knew to do was to turn it on, and I sat for hours on end listening to all the different...