1. S

    Program help with BCD996XT

    Just moved back to Florida and trying to get Palm Beach County Sheriff and fire rescue programmed into my BCD996XT and CANNOT get it figured out. I know im doing it wrong so any helpful info would be very much appreciated. I have to do it manually as I lost the cord that goes from scanner to...
  2. J

    BCD996XT RR/Freescan error: no APCO band plans loaded...solved (i think)

    Hello. I'm new here. My last scanner was a PRO2030 that I've been using since I bought it 20 years ago. I'm excited to have my new BCD996XT and am in the learning process. Anyway, when I load all my data into the scanner via RR/Freescan, I would get errors about no band plan for Detroit and...
  3. K

    BC-RH96 remote head display

    I just bought a used remote head and 996XT scanner (separate sellers). In the remote head "settings" configuration there is an area to select the color of the display screen. It offers the same choices as the scanner itself. I have selected "white" (since my eyes need all the help they can get)...
  4. NFR85

    UIDS not working BCD996XT

    I have programmed the UIDS before using ARC XT Software for the City of Nashua NH and it would display for example Engine 1 Rig now it just shows the UID but not what i entered in. I saved it under my Nashua Motorola Group and create a new group and labeled it with TGIDS. Can someone help me...
  5. NFR85

    Scanner Setup Broadcast Question

    I have a question. I have 2 scanners a BCD996XT and BCD996T. I currently have the XT and the cable wires hooked into my computer and I want to use the 996T to broadcast my feed. The XT im using Pro Scan Client to record calls. If I hook up both to my computer will there be any conflicts...
  6. NFR85

    BCD996XT UIDS changer

    I'm a new user to this scanner. I was told on here awhile back I think by private message or exchanged AIM I was able to change the Unit ID# (UIDS) to whoever is talking. For example Engine 1. Is that possible to do? If so please provide a detail step by step instruction on how to do it
  7. blynn44

    BCD-996XT Systems Lockout Status Display

    Is there any way to display the current lockout status of Systems above System 9? Specifically, in my case, Systems 10 thru 30.