blank screen

  1. P

    SDS100/SDS200: Why is the SDS100 screen invisible on camera

    There's a few videos I have watched where the SDS100 went blank or flickered, but their users could still see the screen. Why do they do this? Is it a frame rate issue?
  2. R

    help blank screen on model 197

    I tried to program a new frequency and pushed the wrong button. I dont remember what I typed.The screen went blank. It still has a light when it is turned on and the audio still works but data ( numbers or letters) does not come up on the screen. I dont have a computer to program the scanner...
  3. rvacs

    PRO-107 Acting Up from Time to Time... a steal on a Pro-107 on Ebay. I absolutely love the iScan Software. Love the size of the scanner. Loving everything about it BUT Scanner will sometimes come on - but display is backlit but no text on the screen. I can sometimes get it to start working by Powering off / and Master...
  4. B

    Dead after failed Firmware - bc796d

    Tried to do the firmware update on my 796d. After an error about no communication and no update, im stuck with a semi-dead scanner. Any HELP??? I can press the l/o - 6 - scan combo and power on and get back into update mode, but doesnt do me any good because i cant the update to communicate. If...