1. S

    Zionsville, Whitestown, & near vicinities

    Hi all - Recently picked up an SDS100 after a few years being away from scanning. Lots to learn in the digital scanning space. Starting out with some basic zip code programming and spend a lot of time locked on Indiana SAFE-T system. Looking for some help with Zionsville PD info. I believe...
  2. D

    NC SHP Troop F scanning in Boone. Need Help Please!

    I recently purchased a uniden BCD396xt scanner because I could never pick up the SHP on my old scanner and I needed to go digital at some point any way. My problem is that after Downloading the newest version of Freescan and loading all the local and state Radio Reference databases I still cant...
  3. n9mxq

    Boone County/Belvidere Tac3 Encrypted?

    Anyone else on here listen to Boone County/Belvidere TAC 3 (Starcom talk group 1378)? The other day I heard traffic on there, and was pretty sure it was encrypted..Or my poor old Pro-96 was having a braincramp during the decode process..
  4. WX9RLT

    Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)

    Major Car Accident ~ Bypass 20 & Town Hall Rd | Rockford Scanner Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)
  5. U

    Boone Co PD Dispatch

    I've been listening to Boone County police for a while now. The RR database has Boone SO 1, 2, 3 & 4. "3" is referred to as "channel 2" by the PD, and "4" was heavily used by the salt truck guys back during the winter. I'm not sure I've ever heard a dispatch on "4". "2" is correctly labeled...