business radios

  1. P

    Business radio power output question

    I don't know if this question has already been asked or not but please notify me if it has and link me to the original. To simplify: Why does VHF use 5 watts while UHF uses 4? Full Explanation: I want to know; why are VHF radios set at 5 watts while UHF is set at 4? Since UHF has a shorter...
  2. P

    Why do business radios have a lot of channels & zones?

    I see business radios with almost 256 channels w/ 16 zones, I don't know why any business needs that many channels, let alone 10 or 16! Why do all these radios have so many channels, you can't say they're for trunked systems, like what business needs near that many talkgroups?
  3. K

    Kenwood NX-1000 series

    In the Kenwood catalog, there are versions of the NX-1000 series, one under business radios designated as NX-P1000 (ProTalk), and one under land mobile radios designated as NX-1000 (no P in the model name). I’m wondering what the differences between these models are, if any.
  4. K

    First Student

    Hi! Does anyone have the First Student Bus radio frequecy for Overland Park, KS? I've scanned all of the common Buisness Band, and found nothing. Please help.
  5. gasserpe

    Looking for frequencies, Brighton Casino, Florida

    I am a scanner freak, and I am looking for the radio frequencies of Brighton Casino, which is in Highlands County, Florida. I only live about twenty miles from there, and want to monitor their two way radios. I used to do this in Wisconsin, and it is so cool. Any one with this info, email me, or...