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  1. radioscan

    MARCS Radio

    MARCS Radio in a Middletown Transit System bus. Radio is set to TGID 9470, 09 TA 04. What you'll mostly hear are buses calling each other a few minutes before reaching the Transit Station (aka The Hub) advising of any transfers.
  2. N

    Butler County ICORRS - possible new talkgroups?

    First of all, I am using SDR to monitor ICORRS here in Butler. Specifically op25 on a Raspberry Pi. I stream the audio via Darkice and Icecast. Importantly, I can view my Raspberry Pi display via VNC and see the real-time activity in op25, but my audio is ~1 minute delayed because of the...
  3. N

    Butler County Police appear to have switched radios

    I had the Butler County Police North and South bands on my scanner and they have been dead silent since either Thanksgiving or the day before. I had noticed quite a few "radio service radio checks" in the past several weeks leading up to this. I am still picking up Fire and EMS on their old...
  4. C

    Allegheny County,Butler County, Digital or Analog

    Question is Allegheny County and Butler County digital or analog ? I am thinking of getting back into scanning and would like to start with a low cost scanner or am I better off just buy one of the digital models? Thanks
  5. radioscan

    Officer Down in Hamilton

    0713 Local 155.5500 Butler County Fire Dispatch BRICS TGID Hamilton Fire Officer down with gunshot wound, subject down with gunshot wound. Multiple Hamilton Fire and Medic units dispatched [Batallion 20] Calling in a helicopter. LZ at Butler County Regional Airport
  6. W

    Butler County Kansas

    Running Pro-106 w/v2.1 firmware. Got a clone from Mark in Derby. Seems to work OK except Augusta PD is garbled and infrequent. Read this: http://forums.radioreference.com/kansas-radio-discussion-forum/231443-problem-pro-106-a.html and also did the tweaks here: Easier to Read...
  7. B

    Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire Feed Gone

    The Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire feed was offline for a little but I'm not sure how long exactly. I think I read somewhere on the website that after 3 weeks offline that the feed gets deleted. Is this true and also does that mean that this feed will never be back? I hope it comes back...
  8. radioscan

    Butler County P-25 Public Safety System

    This is the start of a STICKY for the new Butler County P-25 Public Safety System. This new system is expected to be fully operational on December 31, 2008. This system has already been created for the rr database and is currently staged. When activity starts to pick up I will release it for...