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    Still trying to listen for the plows... I"m hearing traffic on SHA Cambridge on FiRST but nothing on low band. Highways are active on Calvert TRS. Been scanning the CB channels to see if any of the contractors show up there. I guess it's cellular or bust. :(
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    Cove Point TRS

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of system Cove Point LNG plant is using. I can hear what sounds like a control channel on one of their frequencies but I can't decode it with my PRO-668. I'm not setup to pull audio off of the scanner so unless I can get the scanner to decode it I...
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    Cavet Fire Tone Outs

    Does Anyone know all the Calvert Fire Tone outs? I have been searching for them for a few days now and the only thing close i can find is Anne Arundel and Charles. The only tones I have got for sure are Ambulance 5, Ambulance 7, Engine 3 & CALS. If you have any tones could you please send them...