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    Harvard University LTR

    Does anyone currently monitor/have information on the Harvard University LTR system? Every so often when in search mode I do hear one of their frequencies (451.7250) with what sounds like shuttle ops but when I plug the system in as a LTR as it's listed on Radioreference I've heard absolutely...
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    Still trying to listen for the plows... I"m hearing traffic on SHA Cambridge on FiRST but nothing on low band. Highways are active on Calvert TRS. Been scanning the CB channels to see if any of the contractors show up there. I guess it's cellular or bust. :(
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    Cambridge Ont weird chatter on 141.745?

    as stated I am having a hard time trying to figure out who this is my UHF radio picked it up on the nightly scan it sounds almost like EMS? the dispatch comes in clear but when the "feild units call it sounds like coded traffic? anyone have any info?
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    Cambridge PD Rebanding

    Cambridge PD's conventional 800 frequency "Channel 16" has rebanded, new frequency is 851.8000 DPL155. It continues to be patched to 470.125 PL 127.3 Gordon
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    Can't hear Waterloo P.S. on new scanner

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but am already having trouble with my new scanner, and am hoping someone here can help me out. I just bought a brand new Uniden BCT15 and have (I believe) programmed the Waterloo Region trunked system into it so I can scan the system. However, I never hear anything...