cdm 1250

  1. CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    Everything you need to get online, Allstar or a linked GMRS System (gmrs live, or Package includes the following: Motorola CDM1250 (AAM25SKD9AA2AN) UHF 450-512MHz 40W Microphone Raspberry pi 3 with case and power cord 32GB SanDisk Micro-SD card RIM-Lite RIM-Maxtrac interface...
  2. nhfdcadet

    CDM1250 Station Alerting

    With some help from a few people to get me past a couple of walls I ran into, I was able to figure out how to use a CDM as a station alarm for when the tones go off. This radio was pulled out of our ambulance because it stopped making PL tones on transmit, but it decodes PL fine and receive...
  3. K

    CDM 1250 problem

    So I Programmed a CDM 1250 VHF. This is the first one that I have done. The problem is when I key up I can Transmit but I cant receive anything. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Please and thank you in advance.
  4. daugherh

    Wiring Question

    Hello All, Let me start by saying thanks in advanced for your advice. I have researched this through many of the threads here on the RR Forums but wanted to throw out my scenario for any custom stuff I may need to know. I currently have a Motorola CDM1250 in my vehicle that is installed using...
  5. X

    CPS Programming Issue With CDM1250

    I am currently having an issue where i get the following on-screen error: "Couldn't open port. Check weather device/RIB are powered on or not, and the device to RIB, and RIB to PC connection is ok." Where i did in fact have the 1250 on, i was trying multiple com ports (1,2) which I'm using a...
  6. J

    CDM 1250

    Hello, I have a Motorola CDM 1250 mobile radio mounted in a fire apparatus. Upon powering up the radio works properly, however once you activate the mic to transmit, the radio powers off. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  7. ButlerAlerts

    CDM 1250 UHF SWAr Severe Issue

    CDM 1250 UHF SWR Severe Issue Ok, so I got my CDM 1250 in the mail yesterday, with the Astron power Supply and Hood with Desk Mic. I have been receiving EXTREMELY high SWR, to where it goes off my meter. I have tried it on my A99 at 38 Feet, my TRAM at about 10-12 Feet, and my new RadioShack...
  8. N

    Cdm 1250

    Just had a question about repeater channels... a neighboring dept uses a repeator and when we try and talk to them on their channel in our truck they cant pick us up but we can hear them any ideas or suggestions on what to do when your adding a repeater channel in an CDM 1250 of how to do it...