1. H

    Can the APX6000 channel knob be converted to infinite rotation?

    The title says it all. Can you modify the channel knob on the APX6000 to remove the stop at channel position 16 so the knob can keep turning continuously? Similar to how the stop can be removed on the Kenwood NX-5200 to accomplish the same goal. Thank you.
  2. amoking

    EBRCS Contra Costa Sheriff 7725 traffic??

    I have heard dispatch on this the last few days. 7725 is listed as Training. Sounds like Central County (but not a simulcast of 7712) and/or Concord. Have I just not noticed consistent traffic on there or is it a new thing?
  3. J

    CPS help

    I am new to programming. I have a GMRS channel, and when I go to "Advanced," in CPS, I get all these settings such as "Compression type," "Expansion type," and "Emphasis selection." What do all these settings mean?
  4. S

    SDS100: Applying IFX (Intermediate Frequency Exchange) to a trunked system CC

    How do I apply IFX to a trunked system control channel? The only info I've gleaned from the forums seems to suggest that you would create a conventional channel with that frequency and enter Func key then 7 key and that will apply IFX to all instances of that frequency including trunked system...
  5. D

    VX-924 Changing Channel Issue

    My Issue is when I change channels from 1 to 16 it will change from 16 down to 9 then back up to 16. I cannot change to channels 8 - 1. The only changes made through the programming software has been setting the frequencies. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. A

    Frequency ctcss help please

    My company has a license and repeater for a frequency for our entire workplace. My question is we would like to have an additional channel for my department but someone told me if we add an additional channel with a ctcss code for tx and rx we would be able to communicate without interference...
  7. jworld100

    Arcshell Default Channels?

    I have been looking all over the place and can't seem to find any info on the default frequency's for the 16 channels on the Arcshell (bought from amazon). Any one know what they are?
  8. B

    NXDN SACCH Decoding

    Hi, I am currently writing a C/C++ code to decode voice and control channels of an NXDN4800 trunked system. I have successfully decoded sound frames but i am having problems on obtaining call information, namely SACCH decoding. I get RTCH voice frames with full VCH(4x72 bits) without a problem...
  9. fdnyfish

    Will we ever have RECORDING by Channel

    Whistler does a great job with this, anyone know if this is a feature that Uniden might try again? I scan numerous channels, but only interested to record a few of them. by the time I hold on a channel and hit record, the transmissions are over. This seems like a logical feature.
  10. T

    BCD 996xt control channel issue

    I am trying to find out how to lock on to a specific control channel .... my scanner will sometime auto lock on to 853.6000 then some time it goes away and shows NFM and I'm unable to hear anything in Prince William County Virginia.. please help so I can hear the channels constant wth no issues...
  11. I

    Help With Radio Channels Please?

    Hey! I'm New To This Thing And I Would Really Appreciate Your Help. So, How Do I Change From Frequency To Channel? For Example: Los Angeles Special Tactical's Frequency Is:858.26250* But My Radio Only Shows Channels 1-22 +CTCSS +DCS. So How To Convert?
  12. A

    Can Unitrunker be smarter about channel numbers in P25 imports from RR?

    As I understand it, P25 sites each have a "band plan," which is used to set the relationship between channel number and frequency. If you listen to a new site OTA with Unitrunker, you'll quickly get the logical channel numbers (LCNs) for the control and voice channels for the site you are...
  13. A

    nexedge channel spacing

    Hello forum members. I have a question, will the nx 740 which is 6.25 khz only receive nexedge digital signals that are 12.5 khz. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. K

    Avoiding Control Channel Data Noise

    I just programmed my PRO-652 and my PRO-96 scanners using the Butel Software with local frequencies. Almost immediately I began hearing what I will call control channel data noise (buzzing sound) and the scanning stops until I scan again - and then it occurs again within a few seconds. I am...
  15. W

    TK-7360 zones and channels

    I just purchased a TK-7360 for 1st response, Red Cross, and ham use, being both an EMT and a ham. The programming software and cable are backordered, but I'm planning how I will increase my channel lineup and want to understand how zones and channels work. I can have 128 zones and 128 channels...
  16. FireFighterChissy

    Creating a private channel / frequency

    Hi there, I am new to using and programing portable radios. I am a volunteer firefighter and I have recently purchased a Motorola GP338 Plus portable radio, I will soon be programming it to pick up local fire department frequencies. What I was wondering is if it is possible that I could talk...
  17. D

    NEW CBer Cobra 29 nw wx st w/ little wil modding questions

    hi guys im newer to cb i have had 2 for years used them but never knew why i wasnt getting any rx then i got out for a while till i started looking around on the net, anyways i have a uniden pc68ltw and a cobra 25 nw ltd that i am selling because i just got a cobra 29 nw wx st and i am possibly...
  18. Northerner71

    488 Rules!

    The new Trunk88 is the best. No need for a tapped radio, awesome, informes you of new radio/talkgroup brilliant. How can it possibly get better? Andrew, this program is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  19. kc8mln

    Motorola Saber: Replacement Knobs NEEDED!

    Does anyone have a source for NEW replacement knobs for the Motorola Saber series? We are looking to get BOTH the Channel and Volume replacement knobs that are NEW and NOT old stock... we are tired of pulling them off of other radios to have them still brittle and break and crack, so we need a...
  20. J

    Miami Dade Police Dispatch Channels

    If anyone is familiar with the Country Club area of Miami. It's just north of Miami Lakes. Approximately at NW 186th Street and NW 67th Ave., My actual question is if you are familiar with the area, which dispatch channel is appropriate? North or Miami Lakes? I saw a post from someone who...