1. S

    Los Angeles County — Best "non-typical" events to tune into

    What are some of the best uncommon events that happen around the city/county that are worth tuning on the scanner for? The police situations that happened during the first half of 2020 notwithstanding, is there anything atypical that happens here in LA that's definitely worth sitting and...
  2. L

    BaoFeng UV-5R - Entering Channel Numbers

    Hello all, New to the forum and well as to UV-5R. I have been going through the process of setting up the BaoFeng and wanted to find out whether I was entering channels numbers in the correct way. It seems that I have to first select "0" before I can then enter the channel I want. That seems...
  3. J

    DWI stops, prostitution details

    I'm looking to listen to this stuff LOL, as it is a lot of fun. Can this generally be found on "TAC" channels? I'm in the Rochester, NY area if that helps narrow it down. .... I remember hearing this stuff (at least prostitution busts) back in the analog days and it was a blast to listen to...
  4. I

    AOR 8200 pre-loaded channels

    Can someone please help me, I lost all my pre-loaded memory banks and I tried to recover from a backup but my external drive is dead. All my backups are gone. What I need is someones backup of AOR 8200 with pre-loaded memory info. Thank You
  5. SlipNutz15

    Snyder/Union 911 “Central” merger questions

    Since Snyder and Union counties merged, they now go by “Central” on the radio. Did the frequency designations change for the counties or are they still Snyder Fire 1/Dispatch, Union Fire 1/Diapatch, Snyder Med, Union Med, etc. or did they rename them to Central X...?
  6. 5

    Yaesu: Programming FT-60 Was: New to HAM

    Looking for help with a yaesu FT-60. radio doesn't want to go along with instruction manuals. have googled and found alternate instructions but they are incomplete or do not account for radio not following the steps. trying to set, store and name a frequency to a memory channel. Any help??
  7. k7plt

    Trunking and EVX-R70 reset/reboot (through rear MAP)

    I have submitted this question through Vertex Standard support, and am awaiting an answer, but thought I would give a shot here too. Actually 2 questions . . . 1.) I notice that Vertex supports LTR trunking through several products (ie., 420A, 2200, 450 & 4x00 series), yet they have no...
  8. V

    Channel For Hospital/Rescue Comms

    I am stumped and looking for some advice. I easily get Chesapeake Ambulance communications and their transport comms with Chesapeake a General, but no other hospitals they transport to, such as Maryview, Harbourview, or Norfolk General. Could this be because they are not in the trucked system...
  9. I

    Xpr 5000 series mototrbo

    Question how many channel can I program in analogue mode on XPR5550 and also on the XPR5350 I believe in analogue mode it 32 channels and 16 channels respectively.
  10. W

    Unitrunker jump between two channels

    I love this software! I have a problem here. Sorry for my bad English. I have a receiver dongle and a controller dongle. There were two controll channels at my place, LCN 316 and LCN 436, so I filled up two VCO tabs of the controller profile window. It works well, but sometimes when target A...
  11. K

    What's the VHF/UHF channel spacing where you live?

    Here in Texas we're on 20kHz channel spacing on 2m, but 25kHz on the rest of the bands. Having never operated FM in another state I had never given it much thought, but apparently a lot of places use 25kHz channels for everything, which is weird because 146.52 is not a valid 25kHz channel. Some...
  12. S

    Cabarrus Channels

    I am asking for anyone who can help to please list all the ANALOG frequencies for the Cabarrus Operations channels. If you aren't going to be helpful, please don't reply. I simply want the answer and am not looking for people to give me a lecture.
  13. S

    Cabarrus Channels

    I was messing around with one of the radios the firefighters use and noticed that their Cab Fire Zone also has a matching conventional zone. It has all the cab ops channels that are analog. Can anyone tell me what the analog ops frequencies are for Cabarrus county?
  14. J

    Hamilton NJ EMS

    Looking for information about Hamilton Townships EMS and Fire. I see the channels listed but can anyone confirm what the operating channels are for RWJ EMS in Hamilton (Dispatch and Operating) as well as the fire department. Thanks
  15. B

    Pro-2055 All Channels Locked Out - Please Help!!

    I programmed a scanner for a friend a few months ago with Win97. Worked great. I've probably programmed half a dozen Pro-97/2055 scanners over the last few years for myself or others. But something happened to his scanner this week. It suddenly just reset. Now, when you hit "Scan", it gives...