1. Deziel0495

    Kenwood Viking Series Gang Charger

    In the coming days we're getting a shipment of VP5430's with the KNB-L2 batteries and the KSC-Y32K intelligent chargers. We're looking to order extra batteries as spares and since the chargers do not have an extra charging slot for the battery I was wondering if Kenwood has a gang charger that...
  2. S

    HT1000 Best charger for HT1000 batteries.

    Hello friends! This is my first post in this Forum. I own three VHF Motorola HT1000's that I have for Amateur Radio use. Recently, my NTN8831A charger stopped working. My friend recommended that I get a brand new Impres WPLN4114AR, as it was considered to be quite the upgrade from what I had...
  3. S

    Connecting a multi-charger to Battery Fleet Management

    Hi everybody, Kindly we have purchased the Battery Fleet Management software and we are trying to connect to our 6-units Charger, which is this model: PMPN4283A. Can this charger model (PMPN4283A) be used for this Battery Fleet Management or not? I have been trying to connect to a PC but the...
  4. S

    Impress battery does not charger with a Multi-unit charger

    Hi everyone, I have one MotoTRBO battery (NNTN8359A), it is a DP Impres battery; it does not charge with my multi-unit charger (PMPN4283A), the multi-charge is also of Impres type; charger gives a blinking red led. The battery only charges with a single-unit charger (WPLN4226A) with no issues...
  5. daugherh

    WPLN4219 Question

    Hi all. I have a WPLN4219 6 bay Impress gang charger. I currently have 4 XPR series radios that I charge in it regularly. I also have a CP200D and a couple HT1250s. I found the Impress battery for the HT1250 (HNN4003BR) and was wondering if it would charge successfully in the WPLN4219 gang...
  6. E

    Motorola IMPRES 2 Single Unit charger discontinued ??

    Hoping some of the MOTO historians can chime in here. I looked up the model number on my IMPRES 2 charger (apx variety). Only to find that Model # NTN8845A is discontinued. The current impres 2 single unit charger part numbers are below. Part Numbers NNTN8860 - (115 Vac) NNTN8863- (100-240...
  7. N

    APX IMPRES 2 Recondition Loop

    I have a new PMNN4486A being charged in a new NNTN8845A IMPRES 2 charger. When I insert the battery it, the LED goes orange as it has never been conditioned before. Once the the conditioning is finished it'll charge and display red LED. After a few hours when it seems like it is about to start...
  8. rvacs

    G4/G4 Amplified Charger - Overcharge / Reception Probs - thoughts?

    So I got the Amplified Charger for the G4/G5. Sound is awesome...noticed I have to dock it off and turn it on in the base to get speaker to big deal. Questions: # 1 Also - is it bad to sit in the base...(by my bed) if it is already charged. Is it smart to not over charge? Is it...
  9. AK4FD

    XTS Charger Adapter for APX??

    Hey guys! Has anybody had the chance to use a NNTN7687 or NNTN7687A yet? It's an adapter/converter that allows you to charge an APX7000 in a charger for an XTS5000... I know Motorola makes it I'm just wondering how it works and how well it charges, is there a difference between using the...
  10. A

    KSC-17 with TK-250 question

    Recently, I acquired a couple TK-250 radios with the KSC-17 normal-rate chargers. I put them on the chargers today, but was wondering, when the TK250s are finished charging, does the red light turn off on the charger? Or, should they only be left on the charger for a certain amount of hours...
  11. S

    Minitor V Amplified Charger Help

    Hello, I am looking for step by step instructions on how to wire a Minitor V Amplified charger to an external speaker, and either a strobe or flashing light or to a regular light. I have an external speaker that goes to a mobile radio, and I have a regular lamp. What I am looking for is a...
  12. bReed11091

    Motorola Charger Serial Numbers

    I have a few WPLN4121BR 6 bay chargers and several WPLN4114AR single unit chargers. Do these chargers have serial numbers or am I wasting my time looking for them?
  13. KI4LIV

    KI4LIV mobile 2007 Dodge Charger SXT install

    Yaesu FT7800. Uniden BR330T being controlled by Uniden RH-96. Radio Shack amplified speaker for the BR330T. Uniden speaker in the back seat on the floor hump for the FT7800. Driver's side door view View from the driver's seat View from the passenger door Doesn't interfere with the...