1. RedArrows

    Chicago Air and Water Show 2022

    Since the Chicago air and water show is coming up I'm putting up this forum for any airshow radio frequencies if any pop up
  2. K

    Chicagoland barge/boat frequencies?

    Hi all. I found a thread from 2010 about something like this, but I'm sure its since been outdated. As the title says, does anyone have a list or such of active frequencies used by barges or boats on the rivers or even on the shores of Lake Michigan near Chicago? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    CFD Fireground, Ops, + Other special channels--Why can't I hear?

    I use a Uniden BCD436HP and though I can hear the Main and Englewood frequencies for both Fire and EMS, I cannot hear the other special frequencies--do I need to use the "Tone-Out" feature for that or possibly another system? I manually input all of my frequencies but if I need to use Sentinel I...
  4. N

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: P25 System Not Heard on Uniden BCD436HP (Chicagoland)

    So I've been an analog listener for some time but this is my first real digital scanner. I live in the city of Chicago and have no issue scanning any P25 systems in the area, however, I would like to scan areas near my old University in Romeoville, IL in neighboring Will County. It seems that I...
  5. G

    New to Scanning looking for advice.

    I'm looking to get back into scanning, I currently live in the Chicago Uptown area and was wondering what kind of equipment I might need. I would like to listen to Police/Fire as well as Marine and Air. I'm currently using SDR for police but having a hard time figuring out fire and air and was...
  6. P

    IDOT Minutemen

    Hey all, Trying to get some info on the feed of the IDOT minutemen. Been listening all day on Broadcastify and haven't heard anything. Did the feed provider stop the feed? Did IDOT change the radio system? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
  7. S

    KMDW tower frequency

    I live a mile out from Midway Airport Chicago and have been monitoring Midway tower for over 30 years. A little over a month ago the tower frequency (118.7) has been broadcasting a carrier signal similar to having an open key on the channel. When either the tower or an aircraft transmits there...
  8. K

    Tropospheric Ducting 8/20/14

    Tonight I got Tropospheric Ducting from Peoria to Chicago IL. I got all of the police dispatch channels for Chicago and I also got Burlington,IA like always. Did anybody else experinence the same thing? I also got the citywide channels also for Chicago.
  9. GTR8000

    Chicago Granted a 2 Year Narrowbanding Wavier by FCC

    The city applied for an 2 year narrowbanding waiver in May, which was granted by the FCC. The waiver affects numerous VHF and UHF frequencies throughout the city used by Medical response teams, Street and Sanitation, and VHF conventional stand-alone systems. They now have until January 1, 2015...
  10. R

    Where is chicago??? Silent....

    Does anyone have an answer yet as to where Chicago sound went to? It shows a bunch of listeners but about half the number. I live in Texas but get streams from all over the world. Would really appreciate an answer to this question. It's the busiest channel about 98% of the time and I love it...
  11. cpd204

    Military Helicopters in Chicago!?

    I'm in the south suburbs of Chicago right now and I just saw 2 military chinook helicopters heading North West toward O'Hare. I couldn't find them on my radio scanner so I was wondering, anyone have an idea of where they are heading? I searched the aircraft and military bands in my PRO-163 and...
  12. cpd204

    South Holland Illinois PD

    Isn't 470.93750 the frequency for the South Holland police department or is it 476.36250 with Dolton? South Holland is a suburb of chicago on the south side by the way.
  13. B

    Audio Feed for CTA Blue line

    How can you get an audio feed for the CTA Blue line. I would want to listen to this just in case there is an emergency. The CTA do not give us any info on the train and I am type of guy who is interested in what is going on. I do have a scanner and use that but the iPhone is easier to get.
  14. radioscan

    Rosemont Area

    I am planning an upcoming trip to Chicago. I will be in the Rosemont area I would like to know what I need to program into my PSR-500 to cover just that immediate area? Specifically the area around the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Thanks, Mark :D
  15. G

    Northern Suburban Incident Reports

    Discuss/post any incidents or happenings you may hear in the Northern Suburbs area, including Deerfield, Northbrook, Highland Park, Highwood, Glenview, Glenco, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, and surrounding areas. Fires, Police activity, Pubic Works, anything. Open...
  16. E

    Searching whether a specific Chicago Police feed frequency is available online

    How can I find whether the feed for: 460.475 (Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 1 - Districts 16 17) is available online currently (either through or elsewhere)? I would love to be able to listen to my district. Thanks, Eliezer
  17. bigskybuff

    City of Chicago Police/Fire Scanner Stream

    Windows Media Player (more formats to come) Monitors Police/Fire List of frequencies monitored listed on the site. 24x7 coverage except for an occasional reboot (off peak hours) Live chat window No registration or fees Any feedback, comments or constructive...
  18. K

    2008 Chicago Air and Water Show

    Is anybody planning on going to the Chicago air and water show. Does anybody have info for this years show