1. Y

    Can't hear City of Moore?!?

    Hello all! I quit listening to my scanner for awhile and have finally put some batteries back in it and I can no longer hear Moore. My entire Moore group is silent. Did they make com changes after the tornado? All that I find in the database show that I'm still set up correctly. Thanks for...
  2. A

    Grove city,ohio

    I was looking around for a grove city fire/ police feed but can't seem to find one that is online. I was hoping someone would put a active one up.
  3. Eastie

    Requiring Assistance w/ Trunked Programming

    Hello everyone, I can not seem to figure out how to program this trunked database... Boston City Services Trunking System, Boston, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencies I have programmed all the channels just fine.. they work.. I understand it is mixed (Type IIi Hybrid) How do i get these...
  4. vanhoogenk

    Burlington City Police

    i have been monitoring their frequencies for years now and in the past couple of months i have noticed that i have not heard anything on their channel. now i did some investigating and put the input frequency on my output frequency side and have heard officers talking......has anyone else that...
  5. H

    Where is my City of Denver feed?

    Am I doing something wrong? I only see CSP and DIA?
  6. L

    New radios

    I was wandering if anyone can help me get new frequencies. I live in Shelbyville, IN and the county and city police updated their radios recently. I do not have the new frequencies yet and was wandering if anyone has them and could pass them to me. It would be very appreciative. I try to keep...