1. E

    Running coax underground

    I need to run some RG-58 underground from an antenna to my house. ~55'. I figured I'd run it through PVC conduit buried about a foot deep. To rotate said antenna I'm going to use an RCA VH226 rotator, so I'll need to run that cable underground as well. The output from the box to the rotator...
  2. thescannerdude123

    Single coax to roof

    Hello. Can you run a single coax cable to your roof (of a home) and then have a splitter to have multiple antennas? I have a CB, Ham, and scanner radio and would like to put up an antenna for each. But does that mean I need three coax cables? I already have a coax going to the attic (connected...
  3. P

    Downtown NYC antenna help!

    So I am new to the hobby, having just invested in a beautiful 996P2, I have it programmed with all the available frequencies and have been getting okay results. Local police (NYPD) comes in clear as a bell, as do the MTA bus operators and a few other services. Other than that, it's been pretty...
  4. M

    Motorola APX 8000 External Antenna Adaptor

    Need to attach an external antenna to a Motorola APX 8000 portable. What type of connector is needed between the radio and the coax? SMF? The radio will be used indoors for a temporary gateway, need to run an external antenna outside for range and desensing. Mobile radio not an option. Thanks...
  5. B

    Comet CTS-50M Flat Cable Window Gap Jumper

    So my work was kinda slow today with all this rain so I was able to take the opportunity to spend some time shopping for some new toys. I'm looking at a Diamond discone antenna to add to my old Uniden and ultimately with my new bcd436hp when it comes in. Does anyone have experience using one of...
  6. toastycookies

    Nano-coating makes coaxial cables lighter

    Common coaxial cables could be made 50 percent lighter with a new nanotube-based outer conductor developed by Rice University scientists. The Rice lab of Professor Matteo Pasquali has developed a coating that could replace the tin-coated copper braid that transmits the signal and shields the...
  7. R

    Coax: RG8UFoam, LMR400, LMR400Flex?

    Hello, I would like to get a coax that has the lowest loss possible for a 80 foot run from my scanner to my antenna. I don't know what type of coax I should use but I was told that the LMR400Flex is for rotatable antennas? Since I am using a discone, that is not necessary. Here are some of the...
  8. WX9RLT

    TX Further Than My RX

    I have an issue I can not seem to figure out. I am able to transmit(TX) alot further than I can receive(RX) I will be on the 52 (146.520) and people can hear me full scale, and I am barely able to hear them. This happens ALOT. So I am confident the problem is on my end. I run an 8800R...
  9. R

    BCD996XT: Antenna connecter

    What does the antenna of this unit look like? Can I connect an RG-6/59 coax to it or will I need a special adapter? I don't even know if it is an BNC male or female port or if a coax can connect to it.
  10. BakeryBoy

    Realistic Pro-2021 Antenna connector

    Just bought a used Pro-2021 and I am having trouble finding a connector to fit into the base antenna slot on the rear. I have an antenna lead with a BNC connector, I'm just not sure what connector goes in the scanner. I tried a BNC to RCA, but that one is too short. Anyone know?
  11. K

    Measuring line and connector loss

    Dear all I have some long lines of LMR600 of approx ~120ft for 800mhz and 150mhz monitoring,, want to be able to caclualte DB loss for antenna to the rig, rule of thumb we can say X db of loss per ft of ZZZ type of cable and add so much for each connector of ZZZ type etc, however this is still...
  12. S

    repeater first time setup questions

    Hello, I need some help from people with more knowledge than I have. My step dad owns a building in our town that was a former cell tower site. The antenna is 180 foot tall and had nothing on it , not even any remaining coax. My whole town is at sea level with the tallest tree or structure...
  13. Chip4Par

    Building inverted V for 10 M - What RG8 is best

    I am building an inverted V for my 10 meter mobile and was wondering if the Davis Bury cable or 9913 would be the best shoice for the feed line? I am getting back into HAM after about 20 years QRT and am re-learning a LOT! 73's Hank
  14. D

    Dumb question about amps for scanner antenna

    Hello everyone, First of all I know this is probably a really stupid idea but I'm just trying to consider all my potential options. I have a very long cable run from my Scantenna ST-2 to my 3 scanners that I run, total run of about 240'. I'm using tri-shielded RG6 direct burial from the tower...
  15. D

    Need some advice on my antenna/scanner setup

    Hello all, I'm at a stand still on my scanner setup and I'm not sure what I need or should do to get things working at their peak again. I live in a crappy physical location (in a hole) about 7 miles from town, but I have a hill behind my house that I have erected a ~60' tower with a scantenna...
  16. S

    Longwire Shortwave Antenna Help

    I am looking for advice on getting the best reception for several different portable shortwave radios like the Grundig G-5 and Sangean ATS-803A. I am putting up a 100 foot 12 gauge insulated wire from a stationary post on the top of my house (25 foot high) out to a tree. I have used cable ties...
  17. C

    50 ohm or 75 ohm coax?

    Does using 50 ohm coax give a stronger signal to the receiver than 75 ohm coax using the same antenna? Is using 75 ohm coax reducing the signal strength that reaches the radio. I noticed that most if not all radios specify a 50 ohm antenna connection.
  18. D

    Help with 20-176 & Belden coax

    I just bought a scanner today.... Radio Shack PRO-136. Yeah, I know it's a cheapy, but I don't mind. Obviously the stock antenna is pretty much crap. So I bought a 20-176, which folks seem to have a lot of good things to say about. My goal is to monitor air frequencies including the control...
  19. P

    Discone Antenna / Audio Distortion

    Couldn't find a thread anywhere that covered this so... I sometimes (haven't completely ran the coax where I want it) hook up a discone antenna to my BC780XLT, I have been able to increase my radius where I receive transmissions from but there is a realy noticable distortion in the audio.. Is...
  20. L

    The simple Coax Loop works

    I think there was a thread, somewhere on here, about making a simple loop antenna from coaxial cable. I'd been plagued by harsh QRM and electrical buzz at night time, which hampered LW/MW Dx during these hours. My homemade loops had been made out of standard insulated electrical wire. I've seen...