collin county

  1. ghoxie

    Collin County TX Scanning

    Anyone here in Collin County with a Uniden scanner having any luck scanning? I see they have 4 priority channels in RR. I cannot figure out which one to use to get traffic. BTW, I am using a BCT-8 and ScanControl SW Any help appreciated George, N0JRJ
  2. tateconcepts

    McKinney Encryption and Talkgroup update

    Before we begin - this is not a topic meant to be in violation of the recent announcements on discussions of encryption but rather the lack of, which we all have been discussing for some time now. While driving to a relative's home in the middle of McKinney the other day (Eldorado and Lake...
  3. O

    Collin County 'Custom Trunking Table'

    I downloaded tables for Collin County Motorola Smartnet directly from Radio Reference to a BCD396XT using Freescan software. But, apparently I need to do something more. I don't receive any transmissions at all. I read somewhere about a 'custom trunking table' that might help. How do I locate...
  4. M

    RS PRO-163 Scanner trunking programming

    Good morning, Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I have programmed all the channels I want to listen to and programmed my area police department trunking information following the steps i nthe manual in bank 8 and the steps from the wiki pages here in bank 9. Neither bank is...
  5. bmxpro822

    Allen / plano Collin County ten codes

    does anyone have them??