1. SpaceForceCmdr

    Help with RFI coming from my PC please!

    I've been getting a low, pulsing hum on certain stations (happens a lot around 4840 and the surrounding areas). I was pulling my hair out, but I think I figured it out. It's not interference from my home electrical system or various electronics: it's my dang PC! I connected my SDR (HF+...
  2. C


    Hi all) I need your opinion. I chose a monitor for the ASUS MX279H 27-inch Full HD AH-IPS frameless monitor, audio from Bang & Olufsen ICECover, but it has such a minus with a DisplayPort interface, is this minus important for full operation?
  3. P

    Computer RFI – ferrite clip-ons

    I’m about to tackle a clean-up operation on the computer leads – USB, video, etc. I can see that I have interference from the computer right from hf through to a few hundred MHz. I see that the ferrite materials in the clip-ons are designed to peak at specific frequency ranges. The computer...
  4. M

    Audiofeed into PD705 Radio

    Hi All, I am busy with a project and i want to link a computer (laptop / raspberry pi) with it's 3,5mm jack output to a PD705 radio. On this computer i have triggers setup to play at static times, the audio played by the computer should goto the PD705 and broadcasted to all users. I programmed...
  5. W

    Echolink radio remote into repeater system

    Hi All, I have installed a Kenwood TM-V71A to provide a remote Echolink feed into my repeater. The problem is that the TM-V71A isn't recognizing or processing over the air DTMF commands. I can call into the radio from a phone or computer with no issues, but not the reverse. I have done the...
  6. K

    Baofeng uv5r computer sound card tx loop

    I was hooking up my Baofeng UV5r to my computer for using various digital modes and echolink with my yaesu ft-60r or other radio things that involve a computer. What's strange is that whenever I plug Baofeng out to computer in and Baofeng in to computer out, it starts transmitting and won't...
  7. beingchinmay

    What is DLL File ?

    What is DLL File ?
  8. SamAltenberger

    Disconnecting PC input with Uniden BC346XT

    Hi all, I've recently set up a Broadcastify feed using my Uniden BC346XT scanner. The problem I'm running into occurs when I plug in a 1/8" audio patch cable between the scanner's headphone jack and my computer's line-in jack. When the scanner isn't playing anything, my computer recognizes that...
  9. nated1992

    Computer Scanner using SDR

    I came across this article which provided instruction to use SDRSharp ( Software defined radio ) and a $20.00 USB Antenna set up to be able to scan im assuming just about any thing imaginable. Hoping to try it out this weekend ( If the USB shows up tomorrow in the mail ) But has any one tried...
  10. J

    Audio/Video Cable for Pro-106?

    I've recently stumbled onto a problem with my Pro-106 Scanner and my PC/IF cable. (RS Category No. 20-047). It seems that either A). My computers sound card is not capable of picking up the audio data being put out from the scanner and cable or B). The model cable I have for the scanner isn't...
  11. N

    Can Someone Help with A Interference Issue?

    I've got this strange issue, well maybe not so strange to hardcore scanners, but to me it's got me puzzled. I know what's causing it but the static is really bad. This happens only when I've got my main cpu on. But it doesn't happen every single time, only some times. I've uploaded an audio...
  12. L

    PCI Scanner card for PC?

    Hasn't anyone invented a scanner that's a PCI card that plugs into your motherboard? It seems to me that would be ideal. Perhaps it's out there, I didn't really search. Discuss. :wink:
  13. D

    Newbie Seeks Hot Atlanta Pro-95 / Win95 File Database

    I'm a computer scanning newbie plinking on my RadioShack dual trunking Pro-95 scanner (No snickering at my dinosaur, please... ;-) And I stumbled across this great website and the forums and signed up. I know this is the install forum, but it looks like the closest thing to what I'm interested...
  14. ntnahed

    Win97 Question For Don

    Hi, I'm just getting back into scanning after a year or so off. I tried Win97, an excellent pgm, sent in a money order, and never heard back. I then used the 180 day key, (thanks!) but it's now expired. So, here's my question - I tried to use my Visa debit card to re-order another key, but it...
  15. NRFDTL11Buff

    Pro-2052 Serial Cable

    Hey, I need a little help here. Right now I own a Pro-2052. I have it programmed and everything already, but I want to set up trunking frequncies through the computer. The software I downloaded is "Scanpro2052". Right now I have a Serial cable USB adapter similar to this...