1. vagrant

    ARRL September Contest Weekend

    Just a reminder about the VHF contest this weekend. It started a while ago and there's still plenty of time today and tomorrow. Even if only using FM gear, there's plenty of fun to be had. Also, for those that RX only, you may want to dial up the following frequencies and have a listen. For this...
  2. mkewman

    RR Sacramento Signal Hunt

    There's no prize for this, it's just for fun. Somewhere in the licensed 400 to 460 mhz range, there's a constant signal for your entertainment. You'll enjoy it if you enjoy the "classics" and music. Please don't share the Frequency on this thread, as it ruins the fun for everyone. But feel...
  3. Brandenburg

    question about listening to WebSDR So I found the above site on the wiki and have been having alot of fun listening and learning - learning how to tune into various types of signals, how to visually recognize different signals, and more. What I don't understand is why 90% of the transmissions...
  4. n9mxq

    ARRL 10 meter contest

    Anyone else get out and make some contacts? I got a few more states and The Dominican Republic. Could hear Guatemala, but didn't have the umph to get back to him..