1. K

    Carter County, TN - Baofeng CSV for local services (Includes TX if applicable)

    For anyone wanting to scan Carter County services, here is the CSV file that you can import to Chirp for a Baofeng radio. To insert the frequencies into your radio, open the CSV from Chirp, ctrl click on all of the rows in this CSV and press ctrl c once they are all highlighted. Next, download...
  2. D

    Buying a scanner for York county

    I am wanting to purchase a handheld scanner to monitor York county sheriff as well as the fire departments and municipal police departments. I live within York county so range should not be an issue. I was hoping someone could give me some good suggestions on what type of scanner I need to look...
  3. W

    Oneida Cnty Hwy

    453.300 is listed as Oneida County Highway Department. I am hearing bursts of noise from time to time but no audio. Anyone know if this frequency is correct and in use? Could the noise be a data mode? Thanks W2ZS
  4. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Question!

    Hello all, I have a question, My county is Jefferson County, AL and therefore, when you go to it on the database you get Jefferson County Public Safety trunking system P25 Common Air Interface Motorola type II smartzone. And whenever I go to the control channel, all I hear is a odd noise, like...
  5. B

    Madison Co. Indiana unified dispatch radio system quotes range from $12M to $20M

    ANDERSON – Madison County officials received two proposals Tuesday that will be considered for the purchase of a new radio dispatch system for all local law enforcement agencies. The Madison County Commissioners opened the three proposals for the new radio system, but one of the three didn’t...
  6. D

    scanner for york county

    since the online feed has been decommissioned,what are my options if I want to buy a scanner to be able to listen to the P25 trunked radio system in York county, SC? The cheaper the better. Also, is it possible to buy a scanner that can be used to listen to both York county and...
  7. T

    How to change the counties covered?

    Where do I find the setting for changing the county my scanner feed covers to several counties? We are at the corner of four counties, but, in setting up my feed initially I only chose the county I'm in.
  8. M

    Pro-106/ARC500: logically creating scanlists-request for ideas

    Hi, Context: my experience with public safety monitoring goes back to the days when "programming" a scanner meant buying eight crystals, and one's biggest decision was deciding which socket to install each crystal into. That's how we did it back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth. I...
  9. S

    Kendall County sheriff

    Does anyone know if Kendall County Sheriff's dispatch changed their frequency? I haven't picked anything up in about an hour. Was wondering if they may have switched frequencies. The frequency i currently have is 460.52500 please let me know! thank you
  10. A

    Hennepin County VHF 154.385

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the VHF freq for Henn Co fire pagers? Seems like they stopped broadcasting conventional all together!! Maybe its just me?!?! Sad as I listened to that about every day.
  11. Me-In-Va

    Police zones / precincts

    I have been looking for a map or a listing of how counties (Chesterfield county in particular) are divided up into the different patrol zones. My scanner, Pro-106, has listings such as Zone 1, Zone 2, etc... But is there anywhere that I can get a definitive list of how it is all broken down...
  12. jackculb

    Montgomery Co,, Ohio static while listening to trunked system

    Is it normal to hear much static while listening to the Montgomery Co., Ohio trunked 800 mhz system? I hear it on both a GRE PSR-700 and a RS PRO-197. I have the Primary and Alternate channels programmed. I even recently purchased two 800 mhz antennas from RS to see if it helped reduce the...
  13. D

    Watauga county deputy killed

    A deputy was killed Early this morning in watauga county. Deputy killed during shootout in Watauga County | Charlotte
  14. mes90265

    Los Angeles County Fire MDC ID Databse

    Hey All, I've recently started a little project mapping out the mdc id's for LA County fire. I don't know if anyone has an interest -- I do know some people however are avid listeners of the county system and it might be helpful or just nice to have mdc decoding working for your alpha display...
  15. T

    Midland County (Dumb Question)

    So I programmed Midland County into my Uniden BCD396T. For some reason I am not hearing traffic (I know there is traffic). Any tips? This system is not trunked is it? Can someone give me a basic compare and contrast of the following terms. P25 Digital Trunked Digital
  16. D

    Nice site for determining counties for an area

    Hey there, I was looking around for a good tool to see county names in an unfamiliar area so I could program my scanner accordingly. Here's a nifty site I found: County Boundary Map When you click on the map, it highlights the county boundaries for the area you clicked. It also builds a...
  17. B

    Baldwin County now streaming.

    Baldwin County Fire Rescue is now Streaming our Dispatch Talkgroup from our Trunked MotoTRBO system in order to provide the public a means to montior thier local fire department. We also provide call info over Twitter (@BaldwinCoFire) and Facebook (Baldwin County Fire Rescue - Local Business -...
  18. kg4ojj

    Lee County GA to go to an 800MHz system

    From the Albany Herald: Albany Herald | Lee set for communications upgrade Again, it appears that narrowbanding is locally defined as "move to a trunked radio system." On a technical note, I have watched the shifting of frequencies allocated to the Albany/Dougherty (and Thomas/Crisp County...
  19. G

    Williamson County Encryption

    I have learned from reliable sources that fire departments and EMS in Williamson County will be going back to unencrypted operation by the end of the year. Georgetown Fire will be a holdout, remaining encrypted, and Round Rock is still undecided, but the rest will be going back to unencrypted...
  20. RyanRox099

    News Media Hillsborough County

    Are the News Media freq used in Hillsborough County? If so what do they use them for? News Media Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference