1. N

    Motorola Quantar Intellirepeater Single Site-VOC Configuration

    Hi All, Wanted to ask if anyone here has experience on setting up a single-site, voice on control channel configuration on a Motorola Quantar using the Intellirepeater system type, along with the correct APX programming fields. I have been testing different configurations and have not been able...
  2. YL3IM

    Making a CPS multi-region. Solution for "CPS area doesn’t match".

    In Windows Explorer, open the CPS installation folder. Proceed to the config subfolder. Open tle last archive (either .zip or .7z) inside it. Open the Model.dat file inside the archive. Locate the line with [Area] inside the Model.dat file. Replace the lines below with: Number=5 Area0=0...
  3. N0BDW

    Missing RM Client?

    Hi folks, I'm evaluating using Radio Management for our fleet of <100 APX radios. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here. I've downloaded and installed APX CPS R31.00.01 2023.2 Feature Release with Radio Management. This gave me CPS, RM Server Utility, ASK Admin, POP25 Device...
  4. hsmcco

    Astro 25 Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol

    I've been trying to find the post on batlabs for the breakdown of what each flashcode option does but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what the Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol does? Is this for trunked systems?
  5. Y

    Motorola DM3601 UHF, TX stuck at boot? Not seen by PC

    I have a strange problem with my mobile radio Motorola DM3601. It was working perfectly fine and I could program it normally, until I wanted to try controlling it remote with gpio controlled channel steering TX/RX. After the last programming of the radio and my successful tests, the radio is no...
  6. R

    Concord NC

    I’m located in Concord, NC. Is there anyone in the vicinity, who would be willing to program or educate me on how to use CPS, for a HT1250 LS+ Thank you.
  7. S

    APX APX CPS Conventional Personality, "Current" vs "Default"

    Hello All, I'm having this issue with CPS 27.00.01 when trying to create new Conventional Personalities. My goal is to essentially copy/paste 6 new personalities with the same setups as the selected one to be re-named for each apparatus (this is for a reserve apparatus so that when swapped for...
  8. RadioCheckk

    Motorola Spectra Digital CPS Version Needed?

    I recently bought a Motorola Spectra W3 40 watt that is digital. I ran around and bought the programming cable (with ignition sensor) and the RIB (box). The radio powered up and tested properly. I am using Windows XP and am running the Astro Saber & XTS3000 CPS. When I tried to read the radio...
  9. B

    Issues with reading DP4400e - codeplug

    Hi! I have CPS 2.126 and two DP4400e R02.22. I'm unable to read them due to '#101005 Codeplug version not supported'. At the same time other two DP4400e of the same version R02.22 are readable without any issues. I've spent two days trying to deal with this, but it looks I'm totally stuck.
  10. KN6FCR

    CDM Professional Radio CPS - MDC Signaling Greyed-Out

    Hi everyone. Currently trying to set up MDC1200 on a couple radios. Came across the signaling menus when trying to edit a conventional personality being greyed out. Find it strange since I could configure a mdc call list and edit some options. But I cannot apply it to a channel. Weird. I'll put...
  11. E

    Mototrbo CPS2.0 incompatible codeplug version

    Hi all, I have an XPR 7580 that I'm trying to read the plug from. I currently have CPS 2.0 It's the newest version available to me. The radio's info section reads CP Version 21.10.07. However when I try to read it, I get an error that the firmware versions are not compatible. I...
  12. reedrc890

    XTS5000 Rx Frequency Issue

    Hello! I am new to using Motorola CPS, and a newbie to the XTS radios. I have been teaching myself the CPS application, and so far it has been a great little experience. I just got in an XTS5000 Model II to try and use for simple GMRS/analog capabilities, and I know I am using an expensive radio...
  13. H

    Motorola APX CPS, MacOS, M1/ARM and Virtual Machines

    In the past when I had an Intel based Mac I would run my CPS on Windows inside of a Virtual Machine (using VMWare Fusion). Now that I have an M1 based Mac (no longer x86 but ARM based CPU), I have been unable to use CPS inside of a virtual machine as the USB connection would not work under...
  14. C

    NAS Programming

    Hey guys, I'm trying to program NAS into my APX6000. When I go to program a control channel (155.655) I get an invalid field. Any ideas on how to get around this?
  15. Lemmon

    Strange issue Astro-saber & xts3000 cps

    I'm attempting to boot cps for the xts3000 in a x32bit Windows xp Virtualbox, the install was a success, however when I boot the program, it throws the error " unable to find file specified " and crashes. I then attempted to run the program on my physical PC which is running x64bit Windows10...
  16. G

    remote connection monitoring hytera rd985

    Hi, Our club is operating a hytera rd985 as a 2m repeater. it’s up a hill with no internet connection. What’s the simplest way to connect to it remotely and change setting in the cps? Thanks Angus
  17. D

    XPR 3300 Continuous tone with PTT pressed, no transmission

    Hello, I recently acquired 2 XPR3300 radios. One of them transmits just fine, but the other one just makes a continuous tone while the PTT button is pressed and no transmission is made. I checked the programming through the CPS software and channels seem to be set just fine, I even copied the...
  18. M

    XPR XPR7580e Stuck on “GOB Bootloader” Screen

    I recently received my first Motorola radio from eBay. The radio is in great condition and had a codeplug installed with everything working. I used CPS to read the codeplug and modify it to my needs. After I loaded the new codeplug to the radio, it boots like normal then shows “GOB bootloader”...
  19. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  20. K

    XPR Motorola XPR6350 Codeplug issues (model no. AAH55QDC9LA1AN)

    Hello everyone, I am a complete newbies when it comes to radio programming, I recently found a bunch of XPR 6350's thrown into a dumpster (I work for a local big pharma that apparently got an upgrade on their radios). Now I'm a las year CS student, and I know how to get around programming, but...