1. M

    XPR XPR7580e Stuck on “GOB Bootloader” Screen

    I recently received my first Motorola radio from eBay. The radio is in great condition and had a codeplug installed with everything working. I used CPS to read the codeplug and modify it to my needs. After I loaded the new codeplug to the radio, it boots like normal then shows “GOB bootloader”...
  2. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  3. K

    XPR Motorola XPR6350 Codeplug issues (model no. AAH55QDC9LA1AN)

    Hello everyone, I am a complete newbies when it comes to radio programming, I recently found a bunch of XPR 6350's thrown into a dumpster (I work for a local big pharma that apparently got an upgrade on their radios). Now I'm a las year CS student, and I know how to get around programming, but...
  4. H

    CMRN P25

    I've noticed a huge shuffle in TGs for the Calgary Municipal Radio network. Getting some new IDs being used for existing channels, and existing channels being used for other purposes such as CT on CPO (48048) and backup CFD channels being used as main channels. Wondering if anyone else has...
  5. P

    (Novice) Preparing 28 UHF Police/EMS XTS3000 Model II For Sale. What Needs To Be Done?

    Hello All. While I have an Engineering/RF Technician (military satellites for Lockheed) background, I don't have much experience with surface radio. I recently purchased 38 Motorola XTS3000 units plus extra accessories at a local Police/Fire/EMS auction. I'll list as many details that I think...
  6. C

    XPR4550 programming woes

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Picked up an XPR 4550, model number AAM27JQH9LA1AN. Made a programming cable. Using mototrbo cps v16 build 827. I get an error when I try to read the radio. "Error 1057, region not supported". It's my understanding that this radio and this cps...
  7. Z

    Does someone have CPS + Firmware for DTR2430 and DTR2450 radios?

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here! I've tried to find the CPS version for the DTR 2430 and 2450, as well as the firmware, but I cannot find it anywhere. So far, I've tried around 10 CPS files, but no luck.. they are all US software and those CPS versions are only working for 900MHz, not 2.4 GHz...
  8. M

    Programming Peel EMS into CPS for XTS3000

    I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what site towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan, but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF
  9. M

    XTS 3000 What Control Towers do I need to program into CPS for Bell Fleet Net Peel EMS too work

    Hi, I am from Canada I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what control towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF.
  10. H

    APX CPS with High DPI screens

    Has anyone figured out how to have Motorola CPS (for APX radios) display without being super tiny when running on a high DPI screen? I have a Lwnovo X1 tablet that has a resolution of 3000x2000 pixels. Most apps work just fine by scaling the resolution by 250% but not the Motorola CPS. When...
  11. S


    I need a clean codeplug for my newly bought APX 7000 because I can't make any changes to the current one. If we have any kind soul that could help me please I'm stressed out search all over the internet lol. Thanks.
  12. 109heavystatic

    APX Motorola APX CPS 23.-- with APX7500 not communicating

    Had absolutely no issues until yesterday, when out of nowhere, CPS will not communicate with my 7500. Historically, I plug in the programming cable to the APX and Windows asks if I should connect to the network, I accept, and all is fine. Yesterday it stopped working all together. I...
  13. sjaltavilla

    Part Numbers for CPS Downloads

    Hello all. I recently created an account with Motorola and I am looking to purchase a subscription for the downloadable version of the TRBO CPS. Specifically the 2.0 version. I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the two part numbers/descriptions below that are showing in my...
  14. M

    Enabling Channel announcement on XTS 5000r

    Hi I was wondering if I can enable Channel announcement on my XTS 5000r on Astro 25 Portable CPS 20.01.00. I have never actually programmed a radio in CPS before so is this something if I do wrong I can brick my radio or screw something up?
  15. E

    Quantar programming question

    Hi guys, I'm looking at a UHF quantar repeater here (model T5365A), and I'm wondering what programming software is used and if it's possible to purchase a copy of it from somewhere. To be clear, this is not a "I want a free/cracked cps" request. Anybody have any ideas? Should I maybe just stay...
  16. M

    XTS3000 CPS software

    Hey all, I was in contact with Motorola about obtaining CPS astro p25 software to program xts 2500/3000 portables and Motorola didnt tell me after I bought a copy on backorder that they refunded me due to them while waiting for the disc discontinued it. If at all does anyone know where I can...
  17. M

    Help needed for programing xts5000r for the first time

    I just received my xts 5000 r programming cable from eBay i do want to mention that it is not OEM. I would like to also point out I bought the radio off some guy and he did not give me the code plug. I am looking to program the radio to the first time I would like to know what I should know...
  18. E

    XTS5000 display buttons missing

    Hi guys, I noticed today that some of the options in my codeplug that I put in the display selected items are actually missing from my radio. Some examples are the nuisance delete and mute buttons. The radio is using conventional profiles, not trunked, and as such I have the conventional section...
  19. M

    HT1250 Unknown sound after transmissions?

    I have Police, Fire, and EMS programmed onto my two HT 1250's. After most transmissions on those frequencies, there is this unknown sound that plays. I also have MURS frequencies programmed onto the radios, and after transmitting on them, that sound doesn't happen. I don't have this issue on my...
  20. R

    Invalid Frequency CPS

    Trying to program my XTS-5000 everything’s working but when I type in the frequency it comes up red box and won’t let me write. They are typed in correctly, new to this any help would be great!