1. S

    ASTRO 25 Portable CPS RX freq invalid

    Hi all, I'm having issues trying to program a certain freq into my XTS5000 (800MHz P25 equip) When I insert 806.0125 into the RX freq it pops up as invalid, any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks
  2. N

    APX Trunking Can't RX or TX audio

    I've previously been monitoring a P25 trunked network (NSW Government Radio Network Trunking System, NSW Statewide and ACT, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) in my state using the non-affiliate scan method. I.e. I created the actual trunked channels and placed them in a scan list linked to a...
  3. SignalEmitter5000

    MTS2000 Low TX Audio

    I've looked around on the web and read previous threads where the MTS2000 experiences low transmit audio on occasion. Is there anything within the CPS that can fix the gain on the microphone on the HT itself? I've checked the CPS and couldn't seem to find anything. I see AGC but after...
  4. SignalEmitter5000

    XTS3000 Model 1 Self-Test Beep & Unknown Tone

    I just programmed my XTS3000 Model I via the CPS and now whenever I turn the radio on, I get the normal self-test beep and then immediately after I get a tone that sounds exactly like the tone you hear when you press an unprogrammed button. I could revert back to my old Code Plug but I was...
  5. E

    Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can purchase the Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software? Looking to program a XTL5000 I just picked up and dont want to pay the 60$ or so to download it from hamfiles.uk. Thanks!
  6. P

    Programming a 450 split XTS5000 down to 440

    Hi all, I hope that I'm not beating a dead horse, but I would like some help with modifying the Astro25 Portable CPS to allow me to program a 450-512 MHz XTS5000 down to 440 MHz. I understand the basic gyst of it, but don't want to mess with it until I have clear and concise instructions, so I...
  7. fdnyfish

    Anytone Anytone D868 & D878 Instructional Videos

    Here are my Anytone videos on youtube. These might help people with this radio. Anytone Videos on Youtube https://youtu.be/GAYVo9GVjaU Anytone D878 CPS software to 520MHz - MAINTENANCE MODE AnyTone D878 Dealer Unlock Software AnyTone 2-Tone Programming on D868 D878
  8. jbix1958

    CS800D digital channels

    Is it possible to sort the digital channels list using CPS? I downloaded a code plug and the list is all over the place with no rhyme or reason. I'd like to clean it up!
  9. jakeschnabel

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS 5000 VHF Possible To Program/Use Analog Frequencies?

    Greetings, I just got a Motorola XTS5000 VHF P25 Radio. I was wondering if it was possible to input and use standard VHF frequencies that are not trunking frequencies? I want it to function on my county’s non trunking fire dispatch. (Yes I HAVE AUTHORIZATION). A lot of the departments use HT750s...
  10. KF4TNI

    Quantun QP-2100 CPS/Programming Software

    I own a Quantun QP-2100 (DMR) portable. I typically use it for local repeaters at home & mainly collects dust. I need to do some updating to the codeplug. I no longer have the programming software for it. I need the software that is branded as "CPS QP2100" I need version V1.14 due to the older...
  11. F

    Upgrading codeplug ver without radio? CPS MOTOTRBO

    Hi, maybe someone with experience can help me to figure out if its possible(and how), to upgrade codeplug verion beforehand without radio itself? Im planning to indroduce major change on UHF system at client. System consists of 5 repeaters(DR3000) and aprox 150 radios (mix of DM4400/...
  12. P

    Motorola CPS subscription

    I got a subscription for CPS for a Mototrbo XPR7550e..Moto put it in my catalog..I put it in my cart..So,,this being a 3 year download subscription, what happens after I pay..Do I get a link sent to my email for d/l or does the cart bring me to a site??I get paid on Friday,,this is Wednesday and...
  13. F

    Programming Problem

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with my CPS I have an older prolific drivers installed so I'm not getting a code 10 error but when I load into CPS I hit for it to read my COM3 it start to not respond I tried waiting 15 minutes and it didn't work, any ideas
  14. B

    PD705 Read Password

    Hi, I'm trying to programme some PD705's at work, but the previous person to have programmed them has left a read password on. I've tried the obvious 1234....etc and tried the "Reset Default Data" menu option but it displays an error message of "Read Default File Error" Does anyone have any...
  15. J

    Motorola DMR Programming question/s...

    I've been trying to figure this out and obviously I'm stumped because I'm here asking for a little bit of insight.... I've got several radios all programed and working on my licensed frequencies using my licensed copy of the CPS. Just getting that out of the way. So before I added a repeater to...
  16. C

    XPR4550 Programming Problem (No Freq File)

    I recently picked up an XPR4550 in UHF for DMR/Ham use. Once I received the radio I plugged it in to power and turned it on. After showing Channel 1 for a second it put out a tone and displayed "No Freq File" on the display and flashes the three LEDs in orange. So I plugged it into my computer...
  17. K

    Windows XP ASTRO 25 Portage CPS R20.

    Howdy all I'm trying to install ASTRO 25 Portable CPS R20. on my Windows XP machine. as i start up the setup I get an error say "The Installation Wizard has detected that the Motorola Application Launcher is running in the System Tray. Please close the Launcher before installing or...
  18. E

    PL Codes & AES Encryption

    Hello everybody! I have a question as to whether or not multiple PL or DPL Codes on one conventional frequency can also be encrypted? I've built out a conventional codeplug and we have about 80 Personalities and only 20 frequencies to work with. So far, I've been able to load the keys, create...
  19. laythrom

    XTS3000 Rx Delay?

    Okay, I'm having a bit of an issue and I am beating my head against the wall here. I recently picked up an XTS3000 and programmed it to work like my old MT & HT. Everything works great with exception to there being a delay on the Rx side of things. When someone starts transmitting, I lose the...
  20. M

    CPS/RMU2040 Programming issues

    Hello all, I just purchased a few RMU2040's to replace our current business radios. I am attempting to program the frequencies through the CPS software but I do not have the ability to select or change the current channel frequencies. When I go to click the drop down arrow to adjust the...