1. S

    CP200 can't program UHF frequencies (VHF only)

    Hi, I'm trying to program an old CP200 (Model number H50KDC9AA2AN). When I read the radio into CPS v15.16, it lists the radio's frequency range as 146.0–174.0 MHz only, with no VHF2 or UHF frequency ranges listed. The software won't let me program any UHF frequencies into "channel...
  2. T

    Motorola XTS3000 CPS

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but I haven't had any luck finding an answer. Does anybody know where one would find the XTS3000 Astro 25 CPS? I've found an older version but when I try to "Read Device" from within the software I get a "Failed to Read Device" error. I researched that and...
  3. M

    HT1550-XLS CPS Programming issue

    I am trying to program my HT1550, I had bought a Serial PCIe card for my computer along with a RIB and the cables to go with it. I am having trouble being able to read or write to my radio I get the " Can not create unknown radio component" error, I had it programmed by a friend originally, but...
  4. beaker7

    Motorola XTS 5000 Scan Program question.

    Hey y'all new to these forums and also new to Motorola CPS. I have a Motorola XTS 5000 (VHF) and the proper CPS (R20) to program it but I have been having some difficulty with the "scan" and "program scan list" features. And also how to select channels for scanning both in CPS and the radio...
  5. S

    APX6500Li Programming Question

    I have three APX6500Li Radios hooked up to a NCS-C250 Radio Switch. Two of the three radios transmit fine through the switch. The third radio has a delay when transmitting through the switch. The radio stores the transmission than transmits it out when the PTT button is released. It doesn't...
  6. dunnmac

    XPR6550 Programming Questions

    I just programmed an XPR6550 UHF1 using the latest version of CPS (13). The software would not allow for the programming of 25 kHz analog. I've read that I can get an EID from Motorola to allow this, but that info was from 2012. Is this still the case? Also, I set scan groups and a scan...
  7. T

    Programming FleetNet on XTS 3000

    Hello, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were regarding programming FleetNet on an XTS 3000 when it comes to the coverage type option in the CPS. When creating the Trunking System what is the best option for the coverage type: Disabled, Local AMSS, WAC AMSS, or SmartZone? Thanks in Advance.
  8. T

    APX6000 Codeplug

    Does anyone have a 7/800 MHz cqodeplug for the APX6000. I have bought the CPS and the Cable. The cable is gonna take a few days to ship and I would like to just play around in the CPS before I get the cable. If you can help I would appreciate.
  9. G

    Motorola CPS Programming Error

    I recently moved from my desktop computer to a laptop computer to program my radios. I tried transferring my Motorola CPS by bringing all of the files over on a flash drive, because I cannot find my disc. The software works no problem on the desktop, and gives me the error code "Unknown Radio...
  10. S

    HT1250 current firmware version vs. CPS version

    I'm about ready to program an HT1250 that I recently bought, however I'd like to clarify one thing before I start. I bought the radio and the seller sent me a printout with the most current radio information that he had indicating the firmware version, original/latest codeplug version...
  11. U

    XPR 7550 Home Channel

    How do I set up the radio to beep or announce that it I have gone back to the home channel?
  12. T

    Motorola P25 Sys keys.

    I am trying to learn how to make a sys key for a radio system. The system I want to monitor is Air Canada Ground Services Trunking System, Mississauga, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies. Its the only system left that my MTS 2000 800mhz analog can monitor in my area. so I want to program it. I have...
  13. T

    CPS Launch App Error

    Hey team, I have installed the CPS on my system and I am getting this error. It says the system cannot find the file specified. What should I do?
  14. C

    KANKAKEE METRO BUSES on police freqs

    Why has Kankakee Metro bus services taken over the police frequencies? Is this temporary. Any way to find those channels specifically? If I lock them out will I miss police traffic?
  15. U

    HT1250 CPS Programming Help

    I am new to programming Motorola products, and I have a HT1250 that I have been attempting to program for a while with no success. I bought the CPS software (version R06.12.09), and installed it on my computer. I am running Windows 10 on my computer, and have tried both with, and without...
  16. J

    Motorola XPR6350 Emergency Mode on an Analog Channel

    Hello, I have five Motorola XPR6350's which use a combination of digital and analog. My question is... How do I set the Emergency button to hot mic in analog and not send a MDC tone over the air. It would be okay to send a tone over the repeater only during an emergency... I have tried for...
  17. A

    HT1250 CPS region

    I have program software for CPS R06.09.06 and i am trying to read my radio and it says error 4-1379 invalid region code and wondering what i need to do to fix it and be able to program the radio
  18. R

    ASTRO Spectra Radio Comm Failure

    When attempting to read a Motorola Astro Spectra with Motorola RIB and CPS version 5.0, I am having trouble part way through the device read and get a Communication failure with radio. The read device process starts fine and I get the typical response on the control head "1 CSQ" and the...
  19. Z

    Mototrbo CPS Questions/Problem

    All, I have two Mototrbo radio's that I currently have an issue with. I am using them both in analog mode and while scanning, my radio keeps reverting back to one of my priority channels. The problem is it isn't picking up the radio activity from my county, it is picking briefly reverting back...
  20. D

    XPR8400 Programming

    Hello, I read a lot of posts on the internet, and I can't find any help for what i'm looking for. I try to programm a XPR8400 to using TDMA technology. I don't know how to do it on the CPS :( ! Does anyone can help me ? With screenshot or tutorials ? Thank you in advance ! Regards, Fabrice