1. F

    Question about monitoring CLMRN with Uniden SDS200

    I’m hoping someone can maybe give me some advice on how to improve my Uniden SDS200 setup. last month I bought a brand new Uniden SDS200 scanner because I wanted to simply test it out and see what the hype was all about. The general consensus was that the SDS series was the best for decoding...
  2. M

    COLORADO STATE PATROL - CSP Aircraft Fleet - Real Time Live Aircraft Flight Tracking

    COLORADO STATE PATROL - CSP Aircraft Fleet - Real Time Live Aircraft Flight Tracker Colorado State Patrol (CSP) Aircraft https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/csp/aircraft https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoStatePatrol https://twitter.com/CSP_news Best sites to use is ADSBexchange and...
  3. C

    connecticut state police

    is connecticut state police going encrypted
  4. doctordialtone

    CSP Troop K - Strange Behavior

    I have noticed strange behavior on Troop K. (Colchester) I cannot stop on the channel. If I do, it skips off on the next transmission. I normally receive Troop K on sites 5 and 6. Same behavior on either site. Troop C behaves normally on both sites. It happens on 2 scanners - Uniden 996XT...
  5. A


    Hello, I live in New Haven and would like some advice as to a few choices of radios I can purchase that are capable of monitoring CSP from the New Haven area. I realize I will require a Motorola Type II SmartZone radio. I am not new to scanning just new to Apco25. Thanks Myke.
  6. dw2872

    Ten governors in Colo Springs until Wednesday

    Ten governors in Colo Springs until Wednesday I began hearing the CSP 9B (Executive Security Unit) talk group this morning and looked at the affiliation that caused the TG to be active down here in El Paso County. It is CSP Sgt S6 who comes down here for events like when Biden came last month...
  7. ColoradoRedlands


    I hadnt listen to the CSP for a little while and today noticed XRAY units on the 4A channel. If I had to guess I would say that XRAY replaced 13-IDA. Hey, and while Im at it, are the 9-PAUL units the CSP POE units now rather than the old DOR POE units?
  8. O

    Programming CT State PD

    I tried programming my digital scanners to csp troop I & G. I'm not a radio guy and am picking up all other troops and judicial vans. Don't want that. Anyone out there that can program these for me? In New Haven county. Thanks Will
  9. dw2872

    CSP 5B Pursuit, trooper rammed, TBI ended with crash

    At 1913 (7:13pm) this evening I heard State Patrol on MAC-11 ending a quick pursuit where the driver rammed the trooper's vehicle and then they conducted a TBI (a PIT maneuver) and the suspect crashed at mile post 276. Only the last part was broadcast on MAC-11 when they went into emergency...
  10. ledscan89

    Issues tracking Troop E CSP

    I have both a Uniden Bearcat 996T and a RadioShack Pro 106. Both are digital, and in the past, I had no issues tracking any of the CSP sites. A few months ago, I noticed I'm missing transmissions, especially on Troop E's dispatch channel, (CH 37). This mostly happens after someone talks and the...
  11. C

    CSP Rebanding with 796d

    Just got my Uniden 796d back from Uniden 2 months ago with the new firmware. Always had no problem tracking CSP, specifically Troop-G, until the rebanding went into effect a couple days ago. Programmed new CC of 853.75 (15 down from old CC of 868.75), but as another post said might happen, I am...
  12. K

    CSP Troop L

    Hello, I am new to RadioReference.com and was directed here through an iPhone App. I see that you can listen in on the Troops from eastern Connecticut. I was wondering if anyone was planning to put the western Troops on like Troop L or if they are on what website I could listen to them...
  13. G

    Listening to State PD - CSP

    New user trying to learn this Pro-197 and how to program in trunking freqs for the CT State Police. I found a post by qlajlu and read some of this - WIN500 - UtahRadio which is very helpful. Either I missed part of it or didn't get to it yet. Last nite I downloaded the New Haven County...