data noise

  1. K

    Noise reduction: separate 5V wire (USB) for an SDR

    Given a well shielded and choked USB cable: On an SDR that draws its power over USB, would there be any good in supplying it with the cleanest 5V that I can come up with over the red wire while keeping D- and D+ wires connected to the Raspberry Pi (or other computer) USB port ? And if yes, how...
  2. Disk4mat

    What kind of sound is this?

    Being new, I am not sure what I am hearing on this conventional system. I attached a zip with mp3. Alternately I added the file to dropbox Dropbox - Gila-NAT7-Payson.mp3 - Simplify your life I never used to hear this until I moved my antenna to a higher location. The audio type is set to "all"...
  3. L

    1.776mhz LSB data signal

    I need help identifying a signal on about 1.776mhz. It is a data signal and is best heard on LSB. Here you can hear the signal: I tuned slightly off the center so the intermittent tone is audible. Here is the history of this signal. As of...
  4. D

    Trunking: Data Noise Problem

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-96 scanner, a friend has a Radio Shack Pro-528. Both are programmed (separate bands) with two trunking police agencies (La Quinta California and Palm Desert, California) and several other local non-trunked public service frequencies (Indio, AMR, CHP, etc.). We have no...