dec/hex code

  1. X

    EF Johnson Ascend 5100ES P25

    I've got a little issue. I picked up this 5100ES for a good price to replace my failing work one that I can't get replaced. I wanna use it as well to listen to my local Agencies as they are using P25 Phase 1. All the information I have pulled up I put into the software on my computer but when I...
  2. W

    Pro-94 trunk programming

    Just got a Pro-94 and am adding frequencies to it. Wanted to add some trunk groups for AZ but I find myself a bit confused as the listings here Maricopa County Trunking System, Maricopa County, Arizona - Scanner Frequencies show decimal listings as well as frequencies but I have zero clue how...
  3. I

    DEC to HEX

    Someone is going to think of me as an idiot for this question. I've been using a WinRadio G305e to monitor my local P25 Simulcast system and have discovered almost 18 new talk groups. I want to add them to my XTS5000 in the non affiliate system I have been using (yes I know how to program my...
  4. CSX_TampaBay

    New Scanner- Needs help..

    I've looked on RR for about two hours now and I am still confused??? I bought a Pro-164, live in Pinellas County Florida. They use Motorola 2. 800 band... Years ago my old scanner I would just enter a freqs... now- there are talk groups and DEC/HEX's ??? I thought I would just enter as an...