1. G

    Decoding Questions

    Posted below is a signal I recieve using a ham it up and a RTL-SDR, in receiving in sample rate 3.2 and 2.4. I would like to know what it is and how to go about getting clear communications. With co-channelers I was able to get comms, however I can't get them really clear. Any help or...
  2. MMolina227

    DSDPlus How to monitor P25 conventional on DSD with FMP

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to set up my RTL-SDR V3 to decode my local police departments, each one functions on a P25 conventional single frequency. I've seen too many videos on Youtube and have read countless hours of forums and articles on how to set this up to absolutely no avail...
  3. K

    BCD996P2 and Decoding Telemetry.

    I noticed in my area there's quite a bit of frequencies that have the "telm" mode. Most of these Telemetry frequencies are hospital paging, or some sort of public works data like stormwater data. My question is, is there some sort of software i can use to decode these frequency's that I receive...
  4. R

    MPT-1327 decoding

    Hey gang, So I have been browsing around and I found some control and voice channels all in the MPT-1327 mode. I've tried to decode the control channel with Trunk View and no luck. Then, I told Trunk View to use 'stereo mix' and I went to the Sig ID wiki page and listened to an audio sample and...
  5. MourningRain

    Help with new scanner choice needed

    I had (have) a Realistic Pro-37 handheld scanner. It hasn't worked for a long while. The buttons stopped working and to get it apart to clean the guts, I would have to desolder the antenna connector which I never got around to doing. Last year, for Christmas, I got a Bearcat BC346XT (I think...
  6. L

    Signal Classifier

    Good day, I had many decoded signals that I cannot classify what mode it belongs to,, I need a classifier software program that can classify the input signal or wave voice . Thank you
  7. F

    HackRF One And DSD+ Decoding

    Hi I now own a HackRF One I'm using DSD+ for decoding but when I use the HackRF the decoding comes back garbled. Now if I switch over and use a NooElec dongle the decoding comes in very clear same Freq it just seems that the little dongle is stronger than he HackRF One. Is there somthing I'm...
  8. kk4dnl

    Where to find amateur operator data transmissions?

    I am new to shortwave listening been at it for about 2-3 months. Just wondering what are the popular frequencies on shortwave to find amateur radio operators chatting. Wanting to decode really anything , RTTY, CW, MFSK, PSK stuff like that. I will be getting my second SW receiver in a few...
  9. R

    TK7360 extended function

    Now for my second post... This is kind of a shot in the dark, but I figure this is the best place for it right? I have a 7360 set up as a 2 tone decoder. It is muted until it decodes and programmed to automatically reset. this is where it gets weird... Does anyone Know how/ if I can get a pin...
  10. cj5

    Sorcerer issue

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, as I've asked elsewhere in the community, and it's been fairly quiet. Anyhow, I am using Sorcerer-setup-1.0.0.exe, and it opens up, showing up in the taskbar, and their is a process running for it, but alas there's not visible window showing...
  11. G

    Pro 93 decoding issue

    I have been using a Pro-93 for a couple of months now, but recently it has been having difficulty reading the EDACS control channel. I can hear the control channel with no static (before this started happening, it would even decode the IDs with moderate levels of static); however, now it will...
  12. btlacer

    ACARSD Map?

    Hi everyone, I was just now able to get ACARSD to work on my computer but now I want to be able to plot the planes on a map as they transmit. I have no idea how to do this can someone help? I have no idea how to make a map. I would like the map to be 400 miles in all directions. My cord. is...
  13. S

    How do you decode digital signals?

    Ok I've got a rtlsdr dongle and sdr sharp running and I can pick up loads of signals but the only ones I can hear in the clear are conventional radio stations. There seems to be a lot of digital stations but sdr sharp doesn't seem to decode them, any ideas would be appreciated???
  14. M

    DSD v1.4.1

    currently using DSD v1.4.1 ported for windows and have a couple of questions: 1.)what does src and tg stand for? 2.)how to change the polarity of a sync: -P25p1 c:\ dsd -f1 -mc -u 3 c:\dsd f1 -mc -u 3 ( I still receive sync: -P25p1) scanner Radio Shack Pro-97 w/disc tap normal line...
  15. centuryvrproductions

    MDC Decoding

    I have a radio system for when i go dirtbiking, I am trying to find a free MDC1200 Decoder on the computer through the soundcard. and suggestions?
  16. N

    Is it me? ... or is it them? PRO-164 MO Question #576,453

    Hello. I am using a Pro-164 and am attempting to monitor a trunked Motorola Type-II Smartnet system. I think I have everything programmed properly (I use WIN97). Still, I am not hearing any talk... therefore I would like to know if it is my programming or do they just have nothing to say? I...
  17. S

    Unitrunker on Vista 32 bit

    I just installed Unitrunker on my Vista 32 bit machine after use DOS Trunker for years. I am having a few problems with the program that I hope someone can help me solve. 1. My quality is from 99% to 100% but next to that I am getting the message recording error. What does that mean? 2. Where...
  18. D

    icom f3201s programming dual tone paging?

    I have just ordered an Icom F3201S commercial VHF radio. I plan to use this radio at work for the department I am on. This will be my first time programming a radio with software. I was wondering if anyone knows how to program this perticular radio to decode two tone paging. I was wanting this...