1. M

    What’s your favorite thing to scan?

    Police department’s are dropping like flies. Denver PD, Aurora PD and even the Denver Fire Department. I’ve grown up listening to public safety and throughly enjoyed listen to DPD for the past six years. With all these systems going encrypted I have a simple question: what do I listen to now...
  2. BoxAlarm187

    Denver (CO) Fire to encrypt all tactical channels

    From the Denver Post on February 27, 2019: "Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open." Read more: Denver Fire Department to encrypt...
  3. Spitfire8520

    Denver Chooses Motorola for P25 Phase II System, Public Safety will be Encrypted

    Here is a bit of news to wrap up another eventful year of the hobby, and it will likely surprise many. The City & County of Denver has approved a contract (File # 17-1418) with Motorola Solutions to provide a new P25 Phase 2 system citywide, excluding Denver International Airport, for...
  4. gibson135

    Denver Helicopters

    Does anyone know what the frequencies are for the helicopters here? Do they use the same as everyone else? There was one flying all around just east of here with a spotlight for awhile (I'm in the Capitol Hill area) and don't think I have a channel loaded for that. Thanks, Jim
  5. M

    DPD TGs Get Much Use?

    I've been using my BCD436 to tune into the Denver Police from Lowry for the last few weeks. I haven't heard much of any activity except on the dispatch frequencies? I'm not sure if that traffic (gang task force, detectives etc.) is now mostly on their Nextel's or if my rubber duck is part of the...
  6. M

    What Do Think Of The Uniden 436?

    I've owned a scanner my entire life. However, the units I've had are true Uniden analog antiques. Since relocating to Denver it's obvious I need a digital/trunking scanner. Here are my questions: -- I'm looking at the Uniden BCD436HP. As Colorado (Denver Metro) enthusiasts what do think of...
  7. D

    DPD Call Signs

    Hey, I've been listening to the DPD scanner, and I can't quite get the callsigns. I know the first digit is the district, not sure what the other digits are. And I don't know what the letter at the end means either. Could anybody explain the different callsigns? Thanks.
  8. D

    Federal Heights Digital

    Hi, y'all! I just got my Uniden BCD-396T digital scanner and I am trying to figure out how to program it for the Denver and Federal Heights area. I see the Federal Heights Fire Department has what looks to be analog frequencies on it but a note up top that says the operate off of the State DTRS...
  9. B

    denver public safety and BCT-15

    I did a search for denver public safety and seen the results choose denver public safety trunking. I was looking at all the info at the top. Question is will the BCT-15 or pro-164 be able to recieve these trunking systems, except the user groups with the D. I believe the D stands for digital...
  10. H

    Where is my City of Denver feed?

    Am I doing something wrong? I only see CSP and DIA?
  11. Scan-Denver

    Uniden 246 File For Denver P.S. System

    Anyone have a Uniden 246 file for Denver's Public Safety System to share? Thanks.
  12. Scan-Denver

    Denver Control Channel Changes Daily

    I've noticed the last 3 days that the control channel has changed every day and twice today.
  13. Scan-Denver

    Denver LCN 21

    Reference the data below, it appears that Denver is using LCN 21 again. This info is showing up in the win500 control channel data dump but LCN 21 doesn't show up in uni-trunker at all... 20:32:21.99: EDW:T006A:1: 03B 02A0221: CLE:TGID-00545 VC- 854.562500 (21) 20:32:22.22: EDW:T006A:0: 03B...
  14. Icebear1

    Denver short on funds for DNC?!?

    Rumor has it that the DNC is about 15 Million that's with a "M" short on funds for all the services for the DNC. Buckle up, this could get fun! I think that's the week I'll take vacation to anywhere but here :).
  15. K

    Denver ESK Testing

    OK folks, time to test those PSR-500/600 scanners to see if they really work with ESK. The first phase of Denver PS ESK testing is: Wednesday, June 4 at 0730, 1000, 1300, 1730, 2230 hours Friday, June 6 at 0730, 1000, 1300, 1730, 2230 hours Tuesday, June 10 at 0730, 1000, 1300, 1730, 2230 hours...