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  1. RS Pro-668 For Sale - $200

    RS Pro-668 For Sale - $200

    Radio Shack Pro-668 P25 Phase I&II Digital trunking police scanner for sale. It functions as it should, Upgraded microSD card, comes with antenna, 4 AA batteries and belt clip. $200 Shipped. Payment by venmo (preferred) or paypal.
  2. 1

    Digital Trunking System Scanner Voices

    Hey i was wondering why digital trunking system voices sound not like human voices kind of and analog frequencies sound the exact way there voice sounds if you were talking to the person face to face?
  3. M

    New to scanners - inherited equip, questions!

    Hello, I'm new to modern scanning stuff and have some questions. I had my HAM tech license a long time ago and am going to get it again soon, but am mainly interested in setting up a scanning system for police/fire/etc. The biggest question I have is the digital trunking. I have a bunch of...
  4. scseh

    Fulton Co., GA: denies new 911 radio bid: Concerned over sole bidder

    Fulton denies new 911 radio bid: Concerned over sole bidder By Jonathan Copsey April 23, 2013 FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – At its recess meeting April 17, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to deny the $21 million proposal for the emergency communications E-911 radio...
  5. P

    Mac Programming Software

    I have a Pro-106 Scanner and I was wondering if anyone knew of any software that was Mac compatible. Thanks in advance
  6. ledscan89

    Issues tracking Troop E CSP

    I have both a Uniden Bearcat 996T and a RadioShack Pro 106. Both are digital, and in the past, I had no issues tracking any of the CSP sites. A few months ago, I noticed I'm missing transmissions, especially on Troop E's dispatch channel, (CH 37). This mostly happens after someone talks and the...
  7. radchuck03

    Digital trunking unrealistic expectations

    If you are a modern-day police scanner nerd like myself, and have done your homework on the new Digital Trunking systems that are being implemented, they are not 100% reliable. There is a clear myth that exist with the new trunking systems that they are more dependable. That is simply not the...
  8. E

    Marion County

    Just upgraded to P25-capable digital trunking (RS Pro-106 and Pro-197) but disappointed to hear very little additional traffic. KSCIS appears to have licensed a tower near Aulne, but only Cottonwood Falls and McPherson seem active, albeit with weak signal apparently leading to a lot of false...
  9. jdw1958

    Butts County. City of Jackson, GA

    I'm considering buying a scanner to monitor police and fire in Butts County. Would like to reach Lamar, Spalding and Henry County as well. I have looked at the PRO-197. I am still a novice in regards to understanding the Trunking, Digital signals. On a limited budget, can I get some...
  10. medic29

    StarComm21 help

    Good morning. I apologize if these questions have been asked before and/or if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I'm not new to scanners by any means, I've been using them since the early 80's, back in the day when you had to purchase a crystal for each frequency you wanted to listen to and...
  11. jpunix

    A Digital Pro-107?

    It seems to me that the Pro-107 is almost entirely software driven. RR database, control software, and firmware are all upgradable. So what's to say that DSP funtionality can't be added as a future firmware upgrade? Can APCO-25 and other digital mechanisms be supported with a firmware upgrade or...
  12. H

    Best scanner for Mixed use?

    I've read to reviews I've seen to opinions good and bad but I've not seen this topic compared. I live in a mixed use area within 15 miles I could have Digital trucked, digital single channel, Motorola type 1, 2, or hybrid system, conventional and some encrypted ( I know I can't scan these just...
  13. P

    pro 164?????????

    I have to say that I am new to scanning and most of the conversations on this forum might as well be in a different language. I just bought a pro 164 scanner and the local police department Greensboro PD in NC is using a digital apco 25 system. I am able to hear other agencies within this...
  14. D

    Using DSP Filtering on VHF/UHF

    Greetings All, Would use of a DSP filtering unit (such as a Timewave DSP-599zx or similar) greatly improve the attributes of a wideband receiver/scanner? (in my case an IC-R7100). Is there an added benefit of dsp when tuning into digital modes when using codes such as UniTrunker? Thanking all...
  15. M

    Digital frequencies

    I am a scanner newby in Blackfoot, ID. I have a Uniden BCD996T. I am trying to program in the county's digital frequencies - sheriff dispatch. I suspect that the frequencies listed in RR are the old analog frequencies and not the new digital frequencies. Can anyone help?
  16. scanpro12

    counties going digital?

    Im not a scanning expert but i keep hearing talk about a lot of the counties going digital or using only trunking systems. Dose this mean I wont be able to listen the the police at all anymore on my sc230?