1. 1

    1/4 wave ground plane SWR and POWER, antenna theory

    Today i built my first antenna. A simple 1/4 wave ground plane with copper wire and a SO239 connecter. What i found very interesting was when i was complete and i started to check power and swr, that i was able to tune the SWR and in turn, adjust power out, while changing the angle of the radial...
  2. T

    Help a newbie with his first antenna

    Hello! I've been into simple hobby RF for a while, but I'm just recently getting into antenna design. I got into RF stuff when I bought my first SDR receiver (those cheap rtl-sdr USB dongles on ebay). They work from 24 MHz to about 1,7 GHz. I own some better SDR devices today, but I've mostly...
  3. Radiocar

    Can Anyone Identify a Moto connector? Or perhaps suggest one?

    So before posting I've done my prerequisite and courteous 4 or 5 hours research before coming before the well versed and knowledgeable forum that is Rad-Ref. Sadly I couldn't find any information on the dilemma that I came across earlier today. So while running the streets of northeast Los...
  4. andrewvickery1

    2 meter j-pole

    Ok question, I am wanting to build a 2 meter j-pole and have looked at 100's of designs and have noticed that some have the short leg as the driven element and some have the long as the driven element. I am totaly confused. Please help.
  5. KR0SIV

    Simple V Dipole For Satcom Downlink

    I recently made a V-Dipole antenna using a set of rabbit ear antennas after looking at an article I found over at the rtl-sdr blog. Simple NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellite Antenna: A 137 MHz V-Dipole He was using it to rx weather satellite images, I figured if it is good enough for that maybe I...
  6. E

    Midland ML3215 Programming Cable Pinout

    Hello, I Have a Midland ML3215 Radio REV.E . Cant Find The Programming Cable Online. So Attempting To Make One. Any Know Where I May Find A Pinout / Cable Diagram So I Can Make One. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
  7. S

    Build my own Discone (Imgur album in text)

    As I've gained more equipment (now an SDR which I use for ADS-B and ACARS) and my pro 2006 for NOAA APT i've started experimenting more with building my own antennas (Such as a double cross for APT). Well, I decided I wanted to do a little more, get a little bit more technical. I looked at the...
  8. C

    Tape Measure Beam - Less than $20 in Parts!

    They look cool ... they get you into the world of high gain on 2M and/or 440 ... they cost little ... Just don't try to get one past TSA at the airport ... (grin) Several tape measure beam DIY project plans - as well as a story of how one group made a handheld beam out of barbed wire and...
  9. nated1992

    DYI Scanner antenna

    So i have recently experimented with making my own antenna, I believe i have been pretty successful in my creations with the average reception ranging for 20-40 miles, Even more impressive due to the fact i live in a mountainous region. 1 I used a aluminum tube and some coax, I toke about 10...
  10. K

    Shortwave Antenna - Overwhelmed

    I've perused the forums and overwhelmed myself with web searching for a shortwave antenna to enhance the reception of my new Grundig G3. I like building things myself, so I first focused on plans and kits. I finally followed advice I had read in many forums about "throwing a...
  11. E

    Home Made Antenna Plans

    I have a Yaesu VX-6r and still have the rubber duck antenna on it that I would like to replace. While I have looked for new antennas online, I would really like to make my own if possible. Does anyone know of good DIY plans, schematics, or websites that show how to do this. Preferably ones...