1. F

    Bendix/King KX-99 Service Manual

    I Recently purchased a used KX-99 and needed to give it a once-over and couldn’t find the service manual until I came across this gem in the wild. If anyone needs it, here you go. Couldn’t upload the file directly since it was too big. Download
  2. SP5WWP

    TR-9 handheld transceiver

    Hello! TR-9 is an open-source handheld transceiver. It works on 420..450MHz band. You can use it for both analog FM and M17. DMR should also be possible, but the voice coder is proprietary. Have fun building it. Reddit entry on TR-9...
  3. D

    Minitor V Amplified Charger to 12v Bell

    Hi all, I know this topic has been posted many, many, times before, but much of the information is greatly outdated. Especially in terms of broken links, old info, etc. I am seeking some help that I would really appreciate. I recently just got an amplified charger base for my Minitor V. I am...
  4. C

    BCT15X Deaf above 30mhz

    Ive seen multiple older (closed) posts about this particular scanner suffering from a front end overload/de-sense issue, and apparently ive been "had" on this one...Purchased cheap enough but it does in fact have the BCT15X deafness above the 10/11 meter bands. Nothing- not weather, fire...
  5. 1

    1/4 wave ground plane SWR and POWER, antenna theory

    Today i built my first antenna. A simple 1/4 wave ground plane with copper wire and a SO239 connecter. What i found very interesting was when i was complete and i started to check power and swr, that i was able to tune the SWR and in turn, adjust power out, while changing the angle of the radial...
  6. T

    Help a newbie with his first antenna

    Hello! I've been into simple hobby RF for a while, but I'm just recently getting into antenna design. I got into RF stuff when I bought my first SDR receiver (those cheap rtl-sdr USB dongles on ebay). They work from 24 MHz to about 1,7 GHz. I own some better SDR devices today, but I've mostly...
  7. Radiocar

    Can Anyone Identify a Moto connector? Or perhaps suggest one?

    So before posting I've done my prerequisite and courteous 4 or 5 hours research before coming before the well versed and knowledgeable forum that is Rad-Ref. Sadly I couldn't find any information on the dilemma that I came across earlier today. So while running the streets of northeast Los...
  8. andrewvickery1

    2 meter j-pole

    Ok question, I am wanting to build a 2 meter j-pole and have looked at 100's of designs and have noticed that some have the short leg as the driven element and some have the long as the driven element. I am totaly confused. Please help.
  9. KR0SIV

    Simple V Dipole For Satcom Downlink

    I recently made a V-Dipole antenna using a set of rabbit ear antennas after looking at an article I found over at the rtl-sdr blog. Simple NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellite Antenna: A 137 MHz V-Dipole He was using it to rx weather satellite images, I figured if it is good enough for that maybe I...
  10. Eclipsesecurityinc

    Midland ML3215 Programming Cable Pinout

    Hello, I Have a Midland ML3215 Radio REV.E . Cant Find The Programming Cable Online. So Attempting To Make One. Any Know Where I May Find A Pinout / Cable Diagram So I Can Make One. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
  11. S

    Build my own Discone (Imgur album in text)

    As I've gained more equipment (now an SDR which I use for ADS-B and ACARS) and my pro 2006 for NOAA APT i've started experimenting more with building my own antennas (Such as a double cross for APT). Well, I decided I wanted to do a little more, get a little bit more technical. I looked at the...
  12. C

    Tape Measure Beam - Less than $20 in Parts!

    They look cool ... they get you into the world of high gain on 2M and/or 440 ... they cost little ... Just don't try to get one past TSA at the airport ... (grin) Several tape measure beam DIY project plans - as well as a story of how one group made a handheld beam out of barbed wire and...
  13. nated1992

    DYI Scanner antenna

    So i have recently experimented with making my own antenna, I believe i have been pretty successful in my creations with the average reception ranging for 20-40 miles, Even more impressive due to the fact i live in a mountainous region. 1 I used a aluminum tube and some coax, I toke about 10...
  14. K

    Shortwave Antenna - Overwhelmed

    I've perused the forums and overwhelmed myself with web searching for a shortwave antenna to enhance the reception of my new Grundig G3. I like building things myself, so I first focused on plans and kits. I finally followed advice I had read in many forums about "throwing a...
  15. E

    Home Made Antenna Plans

    I have a Yaesu VX-6r and still have the rubber duck antenna on it that I would like to replace. While I have looked for new antennas online, I would really like to make my own if possible. Does anyone know of good DIY plans, schematics, or websites that show how to do this. Preferably ones...