1. Rik

    SDRtrunk DMR simplex not decoding

    My SDRtrunk software and SDRplay RSPdx combo work great. I have no problem with P25 systems in my area. I set up a system using the tx freq of my Pi-Star DMR hotspot. If I activate World Wide TG 91 with my radio, the hotspot tx is picked up by the SDRtrunk and it decodes the DMR audio...
  2. mushu

    Ambulances CETAM

    Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait la fréquence de la CETAM cotée Longueuil en DMR. J'ai celle de la Prairie / Chateauguay / Valleyfield en DMR qui est jointe ici. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Stéphane
  3. Mountaineer304

    Finally getting a quality DMR! But now I’m not sure of what model lol

    So conflicted idk whether to get an Anytone D878UVII Plus Ht or a Anytone 578UVlll plus mobile or an Alinco md-500t tbh.. It’s gonna be my first big dmr purchase… I use a yaesu ftm 500 for a base and a anytone 6666 for 10/11 in my shack.. I just cannot decide between a mobile or a ht.. Gonna...
  4. Mountaineer304

    Considering upgrading to general

    I've had my techs for 4-5 years but I wanna try some new frequencies,modes and dx.. My question is should I upgrade and add a hf rig to the shack or just go this new dmr way that seems everyone is going? Thanks KE8ODY
  5. Mountaineer304

    Buying a Anytone D878UVII PLUS

    My question is, why is it so expensive to get the sky bridge? It's more than the radio? Are hot spots hard to Program? Could someone recommend one thata easy to program decent and not 500 bucks lol.. KE8ODY 73
  6. O

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: DMR Custom Search

    Hello Community of Experts - I just acquired a 436HP and added the DMR upgrade. I live in a major metro area and there is plenty of DMR to be heard, hence the paid upgrade. I am using custom search from 451-455 and 460-465 to find and identify DMR frequencies. The problem that I am...
  7. F

    SDS100/SDS200: Unknown Department with Unknown TGID

    I did try searching on this, unfortunately the terms are so common, it's possible I missed this being discussed previously amongst all the search results. I entered in a new system called "Brandmeister DMR" and then added one department called "Brandmeister Network" that contains a bunch of BM...
  8. jeffmarshall911

    NX-5700 DMR Programming

    KPG-D1N v5.01 This is a personal mobile radio that I use for both P25 Public Safety and trying to use for DMR for ham. Pretty comfortable with Analog and P25 (conventional) programming on this radio. I have an Anytone handheld for DMR and that’s functional. In the Kenwood, I’ve created a DMR...
  9. R

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Display talk groups and user ids

    Hi! I wonder how I display the current talkgroup id and user id on a stored DMR channel when receiving a transmission, instead of just displaying the Name of the channel? It works if I add a frequency without a channel Name in the radio, but I want to be able to do the same for channels that...
  10. J

    Anytone D-578 UV PRO Cross Band Repeat Issue

    I have an Anytone 578 UV PRO that I have been playing with in cross-band repeat mode and have run into an issue. I own and operate a DMR repeater as well. I can cross-band/mode a VHF analog channel into a DMR talk group through the repeater successfully with both repeat paths working just fine...
  11. U

    DMR vs P25 - Encryption standards and software vs hardware encryption

    Hey all, I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into a flame war or anything, I'm just trying to better understand the key differences in implementation. Question I'm aware that companies like Anytone, Hytera, Motorola, etc. offer encryption in their DMR radios, and I know that Anytone and Hytera...
  12. D

    DMR & The Iridium network

    Hello, I am looking into venturing into the world of DMR and I was wondering if a DMR radio has the ability to connect to a satellite network talk group, such as the Iridium Network talk group, enabling continues/consistent two-way satellite communication without the need for the constant...
  13. V

    DMR audio quality on SDS100 vs BCD325P2

    I own both the sds100 and 325p2 and before I pay for the DMR upgrade, I wanted to get opinions on whether I should updgrade DMR to the 100 or 325. We all know the analog rx/audio quality on the sds100 isn't good, so I'm leaning towards upgrading 325 to DMR. I don't have any experience with DMR...
  14. P

    Why does DMR sound better with OFT?

    A couple weeks ago, I started using One Frequency Trunk for a singular DMR channel that I listen to a lot, and when I put in all the information for it into an OFT the audio quality seemed to significantly improve upon doing this and is now on par with my TRX-1. Why is this?
  15. P

    How do I track an unknown DMR system in my area?

    I just found today a DMR control channel with my BCT15X at 452.3625 with 3 bars, I tried looking on the FCC database for the frequency and have failed to find it. When I put the frequency on my 325, It just shows 'Net0334: S0001' I don't know what that means or what I do with it. My question is...
  16. T

    DMR/MotoTrbo in Central Georgia

    I have recently moved in Georgia to an area that is surrounded by what RR says are DMR TRBO systems. I have a MD390 that is “DMR” and claims it can handle DMR. One of two particular places I’ve attempted to listen to are Jenkins County and Jefferson County. I have attempted in the MD390 to add...
  17. kf6olc

    Recent Uniden updates video.

  18. *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    Uniden SDS-100 in Box All Accessories included UNLOCKED DMR/NXDN - big savings having that already done. Upgraded Sandisk Ultra 32gb SD Card for more recording time Upgraded Remtronix Antenna better for 700/800Mhz. (include original) Full Size - Color Printed Manual No scratches on unit...
  19. P

    Cheapest Trunking systems?

    On the topic of trunking; what would be the cheapest form of trunking? Let's say you want a 3-channel system. Which ideal would be cheaper than the other, DMR or LTR? Or even a networked DMR repeater system. Let's set this up: we will put DMR trunked (insert any of the available options), DMR...
  20. Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    ***SOLD*** Hello, To generate some $$ for other equipment I am selling my BCD436HP scanner. It has the DMR and NXDN upgrades installed. It also has the internal GPS mod that was being done by John Wienke until recently. The GPS works superbly but requires an external power source in order to...