1. G

    Need help figuring out mototrbo radio.

    Ok guys. I need your help desperately. I am trying to get a mototrbo radio programed in DMR xpr5550 to work with my Radioddity gd77 to communicate with each other using DMR. No repeater. Very simple setup. I have tried everything I can think of. Only thing I can think of is something with the...
  2. E

    SDS100: SDS100 issues with DMR Tier III

    Hello all. I am trying to monitor a new DMR Tier III system that has popped up locally. The system is UHF and appears to have two frequencies per site, with one being what appears to be a constant control channel with some voice and the other frequency being strictly voice. The voice traffic...
  3. R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    Used in great shape R-Finder B1 4g radio / android cell phone Works as it should Has glass screen protector in place. Comes with phone/radio, battery, antenna, and charger Works on T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Wal mart phone service ect. Selling to fund other projects $750 shipped to the lower 48 Or...
  4. K

    DroidStar (DudeStar) Set Up

    I can't get DroidStar to connect. So far, I've done the following: Registered a radio ID Set up and enabled a hotspot password at Brandmeister Verified credentials (over and over) Clicked (over and over) the Update Hosts and Update ID files Tried different servers Removed and reinstalled the...
  5. B

    Lincoln County Sheriff / Fayetteville Police DMR

    Can or has anyone in the southern middle TN or North AL area been able to confirm the CC, TG, and TS for the Lincoln SO and Fayetteville PD DMR? I have no means to do so yet. Thanks!
  6. manxman

    SDS100: Getting started with Trunked Systems

    Howdy folks, and warm regards from the tropical Isle of Man! I'm getting back into the hobby, having recently upgraded my 3500XLT to an SDS-100E, and to say I'm finding it complicated would be an understatement. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for some high-level steps to...
  7. G

    Oglethorpe County GA System - Help

    I just bought a Uniden BCD436HP and I see Oglethorpe County Sheriff dispatch, fire, ems, etc. but I can only pick up EMS. I think they have changed systems and the database is still reflecting the old frequencies. Does anyone have any information what I need to do to get the radio to pick up...
  8. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Uniden SDS100 ( ** Sold ** )

    For sale is a used, but in very good condition Uniden SDS100 scanner radio (purchased in Nov 2019). The radio has the DMR upgrade applied to it. Included in the sale is the SDS100, stock antenna, SMA to BNC adapter, belt clip, USB cable w/plug, external battery charger with large battery and a...
  9. K

    Central Indiana - DMR or Fusion?

    Looking for a new HT, not sure that I want or need digital but there seems to be a big decision to make if get one… DMR or Fusion/Yaesu (or d-star which seems to be distant third). Yaesu FT3D model seems to have all the features I would like, although a bit pricey and Fusion. I would prefer DMR...
  10. D

    Kennesaw State DMR

    I am a current student at Kennesaw State and was doing some looking in the RR database and found that KSU has an FCC license (Callsigns for FCC FRN: 0024065971 (Kennesaw State University)), I believe this is a DMR and I am using SDRTrunk as my trunking software and I was wondering how I can...
  11. WX9RLT

    SDS200 DMR Help

    Hi, I tried searching the forums, and didn't find what I was searching for. I apologize if it is already posted. If so, please post the links! I just upgraded my SDS200 with the DMR upgrade. I programmed a freq. in that I know is DMR, but it is not decoding it. What am I missing? There a...
  12. Vermonster

    Display color code?

    Just wondering if there is any way to display the color code for DMR systems. Even a way to display the color code in the console window would be helpful. I have a couple systems that overlap, and it can be helpful when researching to keep them separate by CC. To be clear, I am not looking to...
  13. Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    For Sale- XPR3300 UHF radios. $150.00 each + shipping ($15.00) Radio, antenna, battery & belt clip only. Tested, all pass basic testing. 6 units available. Bulk discounts available. Price PER radio. I also have a handful of accessories available if interested. *Used batteries carry no warranty...
  14. For Sale: BCD325P2 with DMR & NXDN (Need Gone Soon)

    For Sale: BCD325P2 with DMR & NXDN (Need Gone Soon)

    I am selling my BCD325P2 that has the DMR and NXDN upgrades enabled. I have upgraded to a SDS100 and no longer need the BCD325P2. I am asking for $425. It comes with the box all accessories (antenna, usb cord), and a soft leather case with belt holder. There is minor cosmetic damage (refer to...
  15. JimmyBaB

    996p2 Listen To DMR Phase 2 TDMA With DMR Upgrade?

    I want to listen to a non encrypted P25 TDMA Phase 2 Police Frequency on my 996p2. Can anyone confirm they have successfully been able to do so without simulcast distortion before I purchase the upgrade?
  16. Uniden 536HP w/ NXDN & DMR Upgrades (All Accessories Included)

    Uniden 536HP w/ NXDN & DMR Upgrades (All Accessories Included)

    Selling my Uniden 536HP, I had it for a few months after buying used. Works great, getting rid of it as I have moved all my scanning equipment to USB dongles and software-based decoding. Comes with all the original accessories, I can't find the original box. Also comes with NXDN and DMR...
  17. E

    What are the most inexpensive P25 and DMR scanners?

    I'm looking to find a cheap & inexpensive way to decode P25 and DMR hopefully under a hundred bucks and can't exactly carry around an SDR and laptop everywhere and I'm having enough trouble getting that configured correctly as it is so I was trying to look into scanners to find cheap ones...
  18. SpectralContent

    Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Encrypted

    It appears that Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Capacity+ DMR system has unfortunately become encrypted recently. Has anyone monitored this system as of late to know when it might have changed to an encrypted network? It was not encrypted as of late 2019/early 2020. According to DSD+...
  19. TYT MD-380 UHF RADIO


    Like new condition tyt dmr digital tier 2 UHF radio. Radio covers 400-480 MHz and holds 1000 channels. Radio is compatible with Motorola dmr tier 2 radio systems. Full specs can be found in the photos. I can program radio before buying. Price includes shipping.
  20. SOLD-Hytera PD682 UHF 400-527

    SOLD-Hytera PD682 UHF 400-527

    I bought this as a personal gift. In the process of writing a new codeplug to it, windows disconnected the USB port and it bricked the radio. I sent it to my local shop with no success and im not sending it to the factory. Audio will pass on transmit however it will not receive any or make any...