1. XLC_Comm442

    SoCal 900 Frequencies

    Just got a 900 radio and was wondering if anybody had any info as far as what I can listen to here in SoCal? I heard that SoCal Gas and some other utilities might be 900. Does anybody have a decent list of stuff? Thanks in advance.
  2. E

    p25 Southern California Edison Romoland

    Anybody have the frequencies for that Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  3. A

    Decoding Southern California Edison P25 tests

    In the last couple of weeks, several of the voice/data channels in SCE's BEE00-5AA P25 system have started sending neighbor lists embedded in test calls on voice channels that last a few seconds, a couple times per minute. When decoded with DSD+, I can then try to associate the voice channel...
  4. CM1

    Edison (Raritan Ctr) Brush Fire

    75+ acre brush/marsh fire near Expo Hall in Raritan Center. NJFF assisting. Several departments on standby/staging to assist.
  5. bryan_herbert

    SoCal Edison Talkaround Channels

    If you keep SCE in your radio, be sure to dedicate a separate conventional bank for the four simplex channels listed near the top of the page. Southern California Edison Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies We just came out of a 2+ hour outage and I'm hearing crews...
  6. S

    Southern California Edison

    I have noticed that when monitoring Edison's system the dispatchers have a "digital" sound to their voices. Field units sound analog.....are they changing over to digital soon?
  7. S

    Southern California Edison

    Does anyone know what the talkgroup 33424 is? Seems to be dispatching trouble calls from Visalia, down to Lancaster. I've also noticed that some of the Subs have an A and B channel. I've submitted one to the database and I am working on another. Tom
  8. LAflyer

    Southern California Edison TRS - 939.875

    We received a submittal to add 939.875 to the large Southern California Edison TRS in the Db. Southern California Edison Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies However the submitter did not know which site the frequency belonged to. Looking at FCC licences the frequency...
  9. I

    SoCal Edison monitoring

    I would like to monitor my local Edison activity. My PSR-600 gets lots of talk groups, and I have identified some that have local traffic. However, sometimes those same TGs have calls way out of area. Is there some way of just monitoring the local stuff? Or because of the way Edison patches...
  10. D

    Monitoring socal Edison

    I would like to monitor Southern California Edison (SCE). SCE use Motorola II system. I have found all the frequencies and group ID’s. My question is do I need to enter all the frequencies in different counties into the scanner to listen to all talk groups or do I just inter the frequencies...
  11. F

    So Cal Edison system

    Anyone know about this system? Are all of the sites linked? What is the area of coverage.