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  1. emtbucky1

    El Paso, TX Fort Bliss TX and NM.

    Hi, fellow radio nerds. It's a new world of fun radio listening, and I wanted to gather some local people on here to help see if we can break down from El Paso to Las Cruces to Alamogordo to include Fort Bliss Military Base. I will just start posting things and help me fill the holes of the...
  2. emtbucky1

    Fort Bliss White Sands Talk Groups

    Newly scanning this area and MOST of the talk groups in RR are incorrect. This area covers fort bliss and white sands and I am still looking for the Fort Bliss Fire Dept channels. I have been listening for days now and NOTHING! No EMS or WBAMC channels either. MPs, shuttles, and range ops seem...
  3. M

    Pro-106/ARC500: logically creating scanlists-request for ideas

    Hi, Context: my experience with public safety monitoring goes back to the days when "programming" a scanner meant buying eight crystals, and one's biggest decision was deciding which socket to install each crystal into. That's how we did it back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth. I...