1. S

    Encryption Changes w/ Migration To Motorola

    Hi, I'm starting to notice that a lot of agencies in Florida are slowly migrating over from Harris radios to Motorolas (portable-wise). I'm not sure whether or not it means they need to create an entire new TRS (not referring to the sites ?), I have no idea how what works. My question is -...
  2. qc

    Future Encryption of All EBRCS Law Enforcement Agencies

    Looking at March 5, 2021, EBRCSA Board of Directors Agenda Packet they plan on encrypting all Law Enforcement agencies in about 2 or 3 Years, I will attach a condensed version of the PDF and the entire Agenda Packet Board Of Directors Meetings | East Bay Regional Communications System Authority...
  3. Spitfire8520

    Douglas & Elbert County Law Enforcement to Encrypt

    https://coloradocommunitymedia.com/stories/douglas-county-sheriffs-office-to-fully-encrypt-radio-channels-in-2019,284836 Douglas County will be flipping the switch this December and there is a rumor that Castle Rock will be flipping the switch alongside them. Parker has plans for early 2020 and...
  4. K

    Need "Reassurance" (Going to buy a new Scanner)

    Hi all, Been a couple years since I had a scanner and am planning to purchase the TRX-2. I'm here in Lake County and am quite aware that encryption is a "thing" up here. That being said, has encryption "ruined" the Lake County experience? Looks like Chicago Police and ISP are still open, so I...
  5. U

    P25 with AES and DES legality

    Ok, I live in Garfield County WA. Pomeroy WA. They decided to encrypt all data over radio. 1. Is it illegal for me to decrypt it ? 2. Is it illegal for me to stream decrypted audio ? 3. Is it illegal for me to record decrypted audio and put it on Youtube in WA State ?
  6. kenshabby

    City police radios are now encrypted

    Law enforcement officials in the same county hold different opinions about the use of encryption. Police scanner encryption under fire*|*Garden City Telegram Online