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    Supplier of Waterbury, Connecticut (USA) Police and Fire Stream [Please Report Issues More In-Depth Here if You Wish]

    Primarily I'm creating this thread to acknowledge and reply to GordonE, who kindly informed me my feed had no audio as of yesterday. I have gone ahead and fixed that - and I apologize as I'm still getting used to SDRTrunk. It's not much like UniTrunker at all, and turns out it's not sufficient...
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    Error code CCB-F in Win500 trail

    I sent an email to DonS via the only email address on his web site about the error. The only problem was that my clock had not synced with the internet yet and was just under two minutes off. it was that way when i installed the program. It had the error the second time I tried to run it in less...
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    Unitrunker on Vista 32 bit

    I just installed Unitrunker on my Vista 32 bit machine after use DOS Trunker for years. I am having a few problems with the program that I hope someone can help me solve. 1. My quality is from 99% to 100% but next to that I am getting the message recording error. What does that mean? 2. Where...
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    Programming Issues with the STX

    I was programming them for a while, then my board went up. Got my hands on an old 100mhz, RSS shows the error saying that the radio and rib need to be on for it to work when its off, but when the rib is on i get the bus collision error, i have done everything i can think of from changing the...