1. 8

    Second Airspy failure

    I am going to write this post with the hopes that the other users of failed Airspys who come across this post through google search results can be able to breath a sign of relief knowing that they are not the only ones who wasted their money. A few years ago I made the mistake of purchasing my...
  2. N6JPA

    BC125AT: The radio works fine with USB 5 volt cable, but no longer works with batteries

    :devilish:When I put the batteries in the radio the radio no longer power ups. These are AA NiMH batteries with the NiMH switch selected in the radio battery bay. The batteries are putting out the proper voltage on a VOM meter and work in other radios. Any one have a clue as to what is going on...
  3. N

    Radioddity QB25

    I've been overhearing that a couple of the local amateur radio club members had the Radioddity QB25 (25W quad band mobile), and many of them are suffering failures outside warranty. Anyone have this unit and suffer similar failures? Is this a radio to avoid? It sounds like this unit was...
  4. N

    TK5710-K speaker bias

    Our FD runs several TK5710-k in trunking mode. Within the last two months, we have experienced speaker failure on two units. The speaker lines have 6 volts across them causing the speaker to become hot and fail. The first failure was in a unit that was due to be replaced soon so we did a work...
  5. Diddley

    BC75XLT: Question About Display Issues With 75XLT's

    Howdy all, I'm looking at a BC75XLT to use as a conventional scanner while out on the road, but have heard that some of the older models suffered from premature failure of the LCD display while they were still relatively new. I was also told that even though they are nearly identical radios...
  6. R

    Failure Rate of TK-5210 AC Chargers Alarming!

    Has anyone had any problems with the AC Desktop chargers for the TK-5210? We are experiencing a near 50% failure rate of the power supplies, leaving the viability of our fire department portables questionable. I have heard of one other department with a similar problem. How about you?
  7. D

    Modesto Police Dispatch (feed offline)

    hello folks. i've been listening to this feed for about 3 or 4 months now, but it's been down for the last couple weeks due to equipment failure. in my attempts to contact the broadcaster (wb3kjx), i'm met with a "you do not have permission to access this page." message. how do i get...