1. K

    Fargo Fire

    Ok now where did Fargo Fire dispatch go along with the extra Cass channels they use? Did Fargo Fire now go silent too for some reason?
  2. MagicMan08

    Issues monitoring T-birds ground freq 413.1000, will open squelch, nothing rc'd. Ideas?

    Hi Folks, I've recently ran into problems with monitoring arguably any ground freq from the t-birds and this previous weekend they used 413.1000 exclusively. It would open the squelch on my pro-651 but nothing would come through. 436 wouldn't trip at all!? Anyone monitored the 413.1000...
  3. lurch89

    Fargo PD Encryption

    Well, some of us saw this day coming. It finally happened though. Fargo PD channels 1 and 2 are now full-time encrypted. They also have an ARMER patch right now ahead of the planned migration of Cass County (ND) over to ARMER, and that has had encryption turned on at the system level. I just...
  4. MagicMan08

    Fargo Airsho 2018 - Frequencies?

    Anyone able to catch any unique frequencies from the practices? Blues? Other Performers? Air Boss Freq and Discreet Comms? I have several but I'm seeing if anyone else out there has something as I was not able to get. I've been doing a lot of digging as well on the other sub forums and what...
  5. lurch89

    DMR in Fargo/Moorhead Area

    I just got a Tytera MD-380, after all the posts and news about the firmware being reverse engineered. I know it doesn't do it now, but hoping someone comes up with DSTAR/P25/SystemFusion, etc for it. I tried putting a couple of conventional DMR channels in, and can't seem to get it to decode...
  6. lurch89

    Red River Valley Flooding

    So, we in the RRV are getting ready for another flood. I loaded up my scanner last night with most of the federal interop channels as well as the common Coast Guard channels. I was wondering if anyone has ND National Guard channels, or any other Interop/temporary channels for the FM area with...