1. A

    DSDPlus Help to setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR !!

    Hello before i using one sdr and it's work with me without any issue and i Need to know how setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR first i run FMP24-CC after that run CC.bat next run FMP24-VC and run VC.bat the problem is shown me when i run FMP24-VC error : Initiating FMPx link using link...
  2. C

    DSDPlus DSD+ Faslane help please

    hey can anyone help me out iv'e try'ed to purchase dsd plus fast lane and received a refund? ,,, im trying to use a RSP1A to trunk track P25 P1 with dsd+ can anyone give me an example of what programs i should have running to do so also what should the .freq .site ect code for CapeBreton nova...
  3. StaRipper

    DSDPlus DSDPlus 2.256 with SDRPlay RSP1.

    Hello friends, Got DSDPlus 2.256 (Fastlane) ... With my RTL_SDR v3 Dongle it's working fine and decoding P25 Phase II. But, when i try to do it with my SDRPlay RSP1 i get the below message: --------------------------- FMPP 1.13 -i1 -o20001 ERROR --------------------------- Can't open...
  4. F

    DSD+ Fastlane Error Issue

    Hopefully, I'm posting this correctly? Is anyone familiar with what a "libfftw3f-3.dll" Error is?? I downloaded DSD+, DLL files & Fastlane onto my windows 10 laptop. Then I opened DSD+ & copied the files from DLL & Fastlane into the DSD+ file. Next, I edited my control channel frequency for my...
  5. ChrisBoden

    Is anyone else getting a virus warning in DSDPlus?

    Greetings everyone. I downloaded the fastlane version of DSDPlus today for the first time, and it's throwing a virus warning on one of the files in there. Is this a known issue or a real problem? Please advise :) Thank you! KD8PZH
  6. ChrisBoden

    DSDPlus DSDPlus is missing the signal?

    Greetings everyone. I dearly hope someone here can prove I'm an idiot in five minutes with whatever stupid thing I'm overlooking. I'm trying to listen to a P25 system in my local area. So, this is what I've done. I watched the set of instructional videos made by SignalsEverywhere, located...
  7. P

    DSD Fastlane audio does not work

    Hello, Normally, the problems I have had have been solved over time, but in this I find myself obliged to ask for help. Yesterday I bought the Fastlane version of DSD. When I install it, the audio stops working automatically. The TCP connection works, although in the add-on I use (TCP-DSD) it...
  8. P

    DSDPlus DSDPlus Starting Fresh

    I'd like to do a fresh start on DSD+FL. I got a couple of airspy units and had previously removed the airspy files from my setup. My first available update was 2.98, then 2.113, then 2.145, and now 2.155. I no longer have access to 2.98, 2.113, or 2.145. What's my best option to do a full...