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  1. M

    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending After 14 Years

    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending. Thanks for doing it for everyone for the past 14 years. Scanner Community Announcement... http://fccgrants.x10host.com/quick.htm P.S Maybe someone that knows how to do it can take it over?
  2. I

    FCC Report & Order to Open Up More 800 Spectrum for (PLMR)

    There is a R/O from the FCC Drafted for the October 23rd Open Meeting in Washington D.C from 10:30 to 12:30 https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/events/2018/10/october-2018-open-commission-meeting Revitalizing the 800 MHz Band The Commission will consider a Report and Order and Order opening up...
  3. I

    Even the Big Companies & Others Get the FCC Violations

    Looking thru the Enforcement Section I Came Across a Few Big Companies who got the Visit and Letter from the FCC Enforcement Offices in 2018 08/14/2018--Snapchat, Venice, CA-- https://transition.fcc.gov/eb/Orders/2018/DOC-353591A1.html 06/27/2018--Big Bear Theater Inc., Big Bear Lake...
  4. K7MFC

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile UHF radio service in the United States, near 462 and 467 MHz. GMRS shares the same frequencies with the Family Radio Service (FRS), however output power is limited to 0.5 or 2...
  5. W

    FCC data base "Frequency" modifier

    In the FCC database, some numerical frequencies are followed by a space then an upper-case letter "V." An example is callsign WPTE977, licensed to Georgetown, County of (S.C.), Site 2, Pawleys Isl, 3700 West of City off US 17 on Dump Road: 853.23750000 V 853.35000000 V. What does the "V"...
  6. N9PBD

    FCC Issues Fine for Dangerous Interference to NYPD Radio System

    WASHINGTON, October 11, 2017—The Federal Communications Commission has imposed a fine proposed last spring against a New York City resident for operating a radio transmitter on frequencies that the Commission has licensed to the New York Police Department (NYPD), causing interference with the...
  7. spareparts

    Non-profit users of FRS / GMRS radio at 1.5W power

    So here the question: A non-profit (Church, museum, school as examples) may or not use FRS/GMRS portable radios at 1.5W of power? For background, the radio fleet is a mix of bubble pack radios and baofengs. The subtleties of a 16 Chanel radio and what channels to use at what power level...
  8. BCasto

    FCC DB Maintenance schedule

    What is the schedule to update the FCC DB? I see the message it is down for maintenance and to try later. Is there a regular schedule for updates and DB maintenance?
  9. R

    Some General DMR Questions

    Hi all, New user here and I'm hoping this is the right section to discuss some general DMR questions I've come up against. I've been studying DMR and am aware of the three tiers. The gist I have is Tier 1 is based off of PMR466 in the EU and is analog. Tier II brings digital capability while...
  10. Homeboys-Scanna

    No 454.xxxx Frequencies In The FCC Data?

    Whenever I search for FCC data, if the frequency is in the 454.0000 - 455.0000 range, I never get any results, even though I have several active frequencies in that range. For example, there's a hotel on 454.125 and I'm trying to figure out what hotel it is. We have a Hillsborough County...
  11. K

    New MF/LF ham bands - with a catch...

    From the SWLing.com website... FCC Approves MF/LF Ham Radio Bands | The SWLing Post Mike
  12. daugherh

    Itinerant Licensing Question

    Hi all, I am in the process of filing an application for Part 90 Itinerant Frequencies for our local CERT Team. I'm using itinerants because we move from site to site depending on our mission(s). However, I have a few questions before I spend the money only to have the application rejected due...
  13. marksroberson

    Active Repeater with Expired license?!?

    This one is strange... I was sitting here with my PRO-651 on Signal Stalker when it stopped on 453.8375, I thought it would be another DMR Frequency, NOPE! it was St. Vincent's Hospital (Pretty close to me so I thought that had to be it) I looked under Jefferson County and went to FCC Licenses...
  14. T

    How to import FCC frequencies to PRO 668

    Wondering what the most efficient way to import frequencies from the FCC database to my pro 668 using iscan. is there a way to go throught and pick all the businesses i want and whatnot and get them in? i would do it manually but theres hundreds in my county that i want to put into indiviual...
  15. BlueDevil

    What does the SC mean on an FCC License?

    When looking at the frequencies licensed to a specific FCC license some of the frequencies have an "SC" icon on next to them. A quick hoover with the mouse indicates that this is a special condition icon. Logic suggests that the Special Condition is directly associated with the frequency in...
  16. D

    SNHU public safety

    I am trying to listen to SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) public safety, i pulled the fcc license and got their frequencys but all i hear is what sounds like a trunking control channel. I only hear this noise sometimes, probably only when they are talking or something. Im not sure whats...
  17. P

    HT600 Beginner Help

    I recently purchased 3 Motorola HT600's off of eBay. I have a computer running DOS for the programming along with the software and the proper serial cables. I am just started learning about these radios and Im trying to figure out what kind of license I need to legally operate them and what...
  18. Mtnrider

    FCC 601 Applet

    Having issues with the ApPlet to do a license.....Anyone else having issues ? Or know a trick. Tried 3 different browsers. Its not liking them
  19. toastycookies

    FCC Approves Net Neutrality

    The Federal Communications Commission approved the policy known as net neutrality by a 3-2 vote at its Thursday meeting, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler saying the policy will ensure "that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet." ...
  20. K

    Output Power vs. ERP (Legal)

    I understand the technical difference between ERP and transmitter output power, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand the intent of the difference as seen on FCC licenses. I have several licenses in the Public Safety Pool and I've noticed that on one frequency/location I'm...