firmware installation

  1. N

    Pro-107 Questions

    Hey everybody! I have some questions regarding the(discontinued) RS Pro-107. If these questions have been answered in a previous post, please forgive me and link me. First off, I have last update of iScan for the Pro-107 (v1.06) and it works great to pull and push to the SD card. However, NONE...
  2. allandunn

    TRX-1 App Error Message

    While attempting to install the latest CPU update to my TRX-1, the app states it cannot find any CPU firmware or DSP firmware for that matter. Does that with two different USB cables connecting to the computer. Yet the scanner still functions properly. Is there a reset or workaround?
  3. J

    WS1095: DSP Firmware Update Issue

    I am unable to update the DSP firmware in my WS1095. The EZ-Scan software tells me "your scanner could not be updated at this time...". I have successfully flashed the latest CPU firmware, and I have the latest version of EZ-Scan. Here's my setup: Windows 7 EZ-Scan version 2.10, build 436...
  4. K

    BC796D firmware download frustration

    Had to install Tera Grand USB 2.0 to RS232 serial converter on laptop operating Windows 7. Device was installed and shows as operating COM3. I think I downloaded BC_VUP v2.0.0.7 and BC796D V3 60 correctly into my C drive and unzipped them. However, I cannot install onto the Scanner. I get a...