1. Cashanova48

    XTS3000 What is needed to program a Motorola XTS 3K?

    Is there anyway to see what the firmware is on the radio via the screen?
  2. Unication_Support

    New Firmware/PPS Release for G2-G5 Voice Pagers (V2.02 & V0.4.0.39)

    Hello, I'm Brad with Unication Technical Support. New firmware version V2.02 has been undergoing thorough testing and was successfully pre-released to Unication Authorized Dealers a month ago. We are preparing to publicly announce and release new firmware V2.02 later this week and I thought I...
  3. C

    XPR 3500e Firmware Question

    Looking at an XPR 3500e with the firmware version R02.21.01.1002. Trying to figure out how old the radio is. Thanks
  4. C

    XG100P FW & power-up channel

    Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve got an XG100P with FW XLP R02A28 (last programmed via RPM 14C05) that reverts to zone 1, channel 1 each time it gets turned off and on again. The only way to circumvent this is to program the system I want to use into the ABC switch, but I change systems...
  5. A

    Anytone Anytone 878 (UV or UVIIPlus) Firmware 3.03 Chinese Model Bug?

    In applying the latest Firmware 3.03 to my Anytones, I've noticed that in "Device Info" on the radio it now shows Chinese characters where it used to show the English model name. This is a new "feature" since the previous 3.02N. I have set the language to English both in CPS and in the Anytone...
  6. A

    Firmware R31 Removed

    Anyone know why firmware R31 was removed from MOL? I haven't seen anything put out by MSI about using it or issues. CPS R31 is still there, but the latest firmware I see is R30.04
  7. mikewazowski

    G5 v1.33 firmware download?

    Is there somewhere where one can download the v1.33 firmware without using AutoUP? I've tried using various OS's and browsers but I cannot get AutoUP to work. The Connect button is always missing and pressing Next does nothing. I've already got v1.31 installed and V0.3.16.29E PPS installed...
  8. MTL_Emergencies

    New firmware misses certain communications on G4

    I upgraded my G4 to firmware 1.33 but now it's not picking up communications from dispatch (I can hear units but no answer from dispatch and I even checked with a scanner). The system I'm trying to listen: P25 Phase II with patched talkgroups (SERAM) I didn't have any issues with v1.31
  9. I

    Yaesu: FT5D - Background Noise while transmitting

    Hi all, I have a problem with my FT5DE when I use it in Digital Mode, while transmitting there is a fastidious background noise under my voice. The problem is not present on my old FT1XDE radio. I attached an audio recording of the comparison of FT5DE vs FT1XDE. In our Radio Club we have got 5...
  10. E

    XPR XPR 3500 stuck on firware R02.30.21

    I can't update firmware via CPS2.0 due to codeplug being too old and I can't find any firmware packages that will work on CPS 16, is there any workaround to get it to update?
  11. I

    Yaesu: FT5D - New Bugs found on firmware v.1.11

    Dear all, I found two new bugs after I installed the new firmware v.1.11 on my FT5DE. 1 - If you start the “Voice Recording” function when the volume of the radio is set to zero, the radio always records even if no signal is present on that frequency, in other words the record doesn’t go in...
  12. K

    TK-8180 Firmware Update Help Needed

    Hi, I am hoping somebody can help me. I just purchased 3 TK-8180 K-2s, used on Ebay for my ham radio use. We use the 7180s at my VFD, and I love everything about them, so the UHF version made sense to me. I tried to program it with the VFD's computer and it comes up "USE SJ-180!". I understand...
  13. F

    SDS100/SDS200: Uniden SDS100E 1.21.00 Firmware changelog?

    Hello, before update i had following firmware on the SDS100E: Firmware 1.10.06 Sub CPU 1.02.01 Recently made an update to the latest one now showing: Firmware 1.21.00 Sub CPU 1.02.01 Where can I find information on what are the changes in the 1.21.00 firmware and in SDS100E firmware in...
  14. Z

    Does someone have CPS + Firmware for DTR2430 and DTR2450 radios?

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here! I've tried to find the CPS version for the DTR 2430 and 2450, as well as the firmware, but I cannot find it anywhere. So far, I've tried around 10 CPS files, but no luck.. they are all US software and those CPS versions are only working for 900MHz, not 2.4 GHz...
  15. S

    WS1080: Upgraded 668>1080 uP App Version NONE and CPU firmware update times out

    Hi, I built an honest-to-goodness Windows 10 workstation for radio shenanigans and I had been using Whistler EZ Scan great for a few weeks. Something went weird in the last few days though and I was prompted for an update and I said sure and now it boots to a "CPU SW Upgrade: Waiting for USB"...
  16. JoeBearcat

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: BCD996P2 firmware update released

    A firmware update for the BCD996P2 scanner was just released (like minutes ago). This is entirely an update to accommodate revised hardware and adds no new features. We didn't want another issue like we had with customers semi-bricking their BC125AT earlier this year (the event that sped up my...
  17. N3GZR

    Override Scanner Defaults (Frequency)

    My objective is to monitor via scanner, a number of VHF and UHF Ham beacons. The purpose of which is to identify band openings. I have two scanners, one the Uniden BCD996P2, the other a Radio Shack Pro-2044 - both have the same issue - - - they won't accept the frequency input, and instead...
  18. N

    i can't update my uniden sds 100

    Sentinel programı ile cihazımı güncellemeye çalışıyorum. ama güncel diyor. 1.04.01 sürümünde nerede yanlış yapıyorum? Çeviriyi google çeviriden yapıyorum. yazım için özür dilerim
  19. G

    Most Current Software and Firmware for Kenwood TK-5820?

    Later today I have to program 2 Kenwood TK-5820's. What is the most current software/firmware? I have KPG-112D v2.01 and KPG-112DN v2.33 Should either of these work? I am unsure about firmware on radios but they are fairly new. I deal with Motorola much more often and rarely do I program...
  20. R

    Radio Patch with an XPR 7550e

    Hello All! I currently use my personal XPR 7550e at my job. We recently transitioned from Analog Conventional to Digital Conventional. We have a phone patch number that allows our clients to contact our staff via their cell phones. On our old analog system, I would hold the PTT and press "*" to...