1. R

    Radio Patch with an XPR 7550e

    Hello All! I currently use my personal XPR 7550e at my job. We recently transitioned from Analog Conventional to Digital Conventional. We have a phone patch number that allows our clients to contact our staff via their cell phones. On our old analog system, I would hold the PTT and press "*" to...
  2. R

    TYT MD-UV380 Ideas on future Firmware Updates/ CPS

    Hello, Just bought another DMR radio. The Tyt MD-UV380, dualbander. After my PD-355 and CS750. I was just wondering over a lot of things which could probably be adjusted. bettered in new versions of firmware/ CPS. I use cps 107 and firmware 1705. Questions: 1. I was hoping to bring together...
  3. F5HPE

    Better frequency accuracy with FW 1807A for DV10

    For few day, AOR had launch a new DV10 firmware with detail below 1807A 2018/07/13 Feature improvements: - Better frequency accuracy through additional automatic temperature compensation by FPGA/CPU - Better P25 and DMR decoding - Better SSB audio quality - Better SD card compatibility for...
  4. A

    BCD536HP: Latest serial numbers / HW revisions

    So I finally jumped and got a 536HP due to the NXDN update (Take note, Uniden!) after being a Whistler/GRE person for years and years. Serial number is 7800xxxx. I know that there have bene some problems with early on 3800xxxx units; and I've seen 4800xxxx and 5800xxxx units in the wild. Some...
  5. B

    WS1040: Scanner Locked Up

    I’ve had my WS1040 scanner since December and it operated flawlessly until yesterday evening when I noticed the scanner had been quiet for a while. After taking a closer look, it appeared that the scanner was scanning through the programmed frequencies very slowly, almost like it was...
  6. K

    Bricked MT1500

    So my friend has an MT1500 and he went to upgrade the firmware however he flashed the xts2500 firmware R20.xx.xx into the radio. He unfortunately bricked it but to make matters worse he uploaded the wrong codeplug into the radio as well. He uploaded a BN codeplug to an AN radio. Is there any way...
  7. daugherh

    XPR 3500e/7550 Firmware Questions

    Hi all. FIrst off let me say that I am so thankful for all the help I've received in the past and now I'm back with more questions. I've checked for exisiting threads on this topic but if they are there, I didn't find them. I have a XPR7550 with Firmware Ver. R02.06.05.0002 and CP Version...
  8. fireradio

    General Hytera Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in some Hytera gear, but am completely inexperienced with their products. I know the firmware updates are distributed through their dealers, but is there a central website where they announce new firmware releases? How would you find out new firmware is available...
  9. M

    BCD436HP: [New FW update] Private calls showing as group ?

    Hi Upman Paul / RR folks So I loaded the new firmware onto the Uniden 436. And generally whilst it seems to be a bit more polished performance wise I noted one error. On a local CAP+ system It displayed TGID 12345 during a private call from 12345 to 23456 Ok so it correctly relayed the...
  10. T

    Upgrade firmware for TYT-MD 380 questions

    Hi Before I do firmware upgrade I want to make sure I am using the correct firmware. Currently my Radio version is: FIRMWARE VERSION : D002.034 CP VERSION: 0.127 I have no idea if this radio has GPS or not. in the back it just says model : MD-380, output 5W, Frequency 400-480Mhz looking at...
  11. R

    VX4600 firmware update

    I searched and searched with no luck. My vx4600 has firmware 1.19 I tried to upgrade it to the newer ones on vertex group with no luck. The radio keeps power cycling and I get an error: 02 communication error. I changed the rate of the com port to 1200 with no luck and am using the...
  12. MrMelde

    IC-F3021S Firmware Question

    I recently bought an IC-F3021S radio off of ebay with Revision 1.0 and was wondering if I upgrade the firmware, will it disable wideband use for 2m? It currently does wideband without any problems and I have read on some sites that upgrading the firmware will lock it to narrowband only. If...
  13. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: Features you want in new firmware?

    - Selectable delay on a per channel basis, just like scan lockout. - A scan button. - A large font clock. - A battery charging option for higher capacity rechargeable batteries - Priority feature What options do you want to see in the next firmware update? Please add them below...
  14. U

    Yaesu: Yeasu FT-60R Repair

    Hi All, I've attempted to find a similar problem through various Google searches but am always open to links if someone thinks this is already answered... I believe I discovered a similar problem in one other discussion but not sure it was ever answered. I have an FT-60R that has functioned...
  15. S

    HT1250 current firmware version vs. CPS version

    I'm about ready to program an HT1250 that I recently bought, however I'd like to clarify one thing before I start. I bought the radio and the seller sent me a printout with the most current radio information that he had indicating the firmware version, original/latest codeplug version...
  16. B

    Vertex VX231 Firmware

    Hello, I'm wanting to update firmware on a VX231, I believe I have the correct firmware and a working programming cable. I'm wanting to know if I require the FIF12 interface to upload new firmware or will my current working cable do the job.
  17. T

    BCT8: Firmware update on UBC-T8 failed

    I inadvertently applied the BCT8 firmware update to my UBC-T8 (Australian version). The original Firmware was deleted and then all I get is "Communication error" . I am unable to serial connect to my UBC-T8 to apply the correct firmware. I know this has been discussed before. Has a solution to...
  18. yaesumofo

    analyze lcn finder bug

    hello. the radio is a BCD436HP The Firmware is 1.05.01 When I go to analyze and select EDACS/LTR LCN finder turn the knob to the letter L select the local LOS ANGELES CITY (municipal) system 2 (or 3) About 5 seconds into the LCN search the radio turns OFF for 1 or 2 seconds. then turns back...
  19. Z

    NX-5000 firmware update

    How do I go about updating the firmware on my NX-5300? I have the firmware file, programming software & the license management client.
  20. Northerner71

    Radio Shack SUCKS!!

    Bought a 651 on EBay and there is no firmware installed. Called Radio shack a total of 15x and each time I mention the firmware is missing they hang up!!!! Really!!!! Offer me some help, tell me to send it in and they will fix it have some kind of customer support, NOPE just hang up. Any...