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    APX 7000XE Bluetooth Question

    HELP.....PLEASE I just purchased 2 APX 7000XE radio from eBay. My sole intent for these radios was the utilization of Bluetooth for a product line I sell. Before purchasing I called Motorola and they confirmed with me that Bluetooth was a feature for the serial numbers given. I received the...
  2. H

    Can't find Hytera software for flashing

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place but I'm kind of frustrated and borderline desperate. first off, I'm trying to get a PD362 and PD 782 to work but I need software called Flashburn v9 to finish the process, I tried the 3/5 but didn't get anywhere...
  3. Q

    Kenwood TK-3200L beeps and flashes red and orange whenever on channel 3+

    My kenwood TK-3200L flashes and beeps at me. I don't know why, I was hoping someone could help me. I just bought it off eBay, and I do not suspect the person I bought it from is lying.. It is tough to turn over to 3, and I don't know why.. someone please help!
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    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 charge light blinks red w/ new larger battery (again)

    As posted in the prior thread (that was closed) I am also experiencing the red charge light begins to blink after hours into charging with the new larger battery. I've only recharged a couple of times overnight after fairly deep discharges. Have found the flashing red charge light the next...
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    Yaesu: Unhappy YAESU FT-8900 - flashing busy

    Hi Folks, I just powered up my FT-8900R in the truck and no joy !! When I powered it up, the radio started up normally but then both sides of the radio started showing the two busy channel indicators flashing on both sides of the radio. I can’t TX on either side of the radio but I am able...
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    Problem programming Kenwood TK-3301

    I received this TK-3301 ProTalk with some other stuff and only some channels worked which may have been standard, I don't know. I downloaded the KPG-121D V1.01 software and have the engineers serial number (posted in another old thread) and programmed in the 446 MHz channels that I wanted. I...
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    PSR-500 Scan Lists Flashing

    After updating the scanner's firmware to 1.8, I noticed that after scanning from pausing an object, random scan list numbers flash. There is no rime or reason to it. There are active, unlocked objects in the scanlists that are flashing. Anyone else expieriencing this issue or know how to solve it.
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    TK-3200/L Help?

    I have come into 3 handsets, 2 are TK-3200s (8 channel models) and one is a TK-3200L (15 channel model.) Whenever I tune any of the handsets to a channel above 3, all it does is put out a tone and flash the LED red/orange over and over. Also, I have noticed that I can't do any of the programming...