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    Inmarsat 54W - suddenly no STD-C or Aero?

    Was going to do my weekly review of archived STD-C EGC traffic and realized there are no NCS anywhere to be found, and also no Aero stations showing on the receiver. Last recorded thing was back on 5/6/2018. There are still some other carriers, but things just look abnormal. I read Inmarsat was...
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    Peel EMS Dividing Line

    What is the dividing line the splits Peel EMS into NE,NW,SE,SW?
  3. 7

    Need Help BC785D in Ontario

    Hi all, I have searched through the forums and can't find anything. I am trying to re-program my old BC785D. Can anyone in the GTA or Southern Ontario help me with programming Bell Fleetnet (OPP) into my radio? I can travel to you if need be. I just moved back from Alberta and would really like...
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    Moved to Burlington996XT not receiving Bell Fleetnet

    Scanner: Bearcat BCD996XT Firmware: 1.07.03 Freescan 2.17 Import from Radio Reference Trunked. Have used this scanner for years near London and programed it using the import feature of Freescan via Radio Reference. Moved to Burlington and have been banging my head against the wall as to why...
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    Toronto South Detention Centre

    Looking for listing for TSDC - no freqs. listed that I can see - anyone have info? Supposedly using old analog system, Bell Fleetnet and new NXDN(?) system with Kenwood NX-300 handhelds. All three systems are being used -but no listing shown for Toronto South Any info? Thanks