1. T

    i need help finding sertain frequencies that i cant find in the database

    i have the radioshack pro 106 and ive had it for a couple weeks now and im still learning how to use it a little and i was wondering if someone could help me find ALL the 800MHz (Trunking) frequencies for the city of orono MN (orono car to car/orono public works/ orono car dispatch) and the city...
  2. fwfdengine2

    Rochester FD

    Hi, Does anyone know what the frequencies are for the Rochester, Minnesota Fire Department. I can't seem to find them in the website database. thanks, fwfdengine2
  3. R

    Thanks, Hello and information

    Thanks for accepted me in your page. This is a first time to log in. Im from Puerto Rico and I want to know if any person have some of frequencies and repeaters of Puerto Rico, also coast guard, medical emergencies, airplanes, weather channel, firefighters. GOD bless you and all of the friends...
  4. L


    Can someone give information on how to locate radio frequencies for the RCSO? I have a Radio Shack Pro 94 scanner. Also, will RCSO scanner feed be online on radoreference websitie; I notice it has been offline for several days! Any help would be appreciated! thx.
  5. N

    Anyone in Eau Claire, WI on RR?

    Anyone in the Chippewa Valley on RR? Anyone in the area have any unique channels to post?
  6. I

    Questions about Muscatine

    Hi I am hoping someone on here can help me out. Hopefully someone in the Muscatine area. I just purchased a GRE PSR 500. There was a delay in shipping it, so the guy programmed it for me for free. However, I notice something odd -- the frequency that he put in for my police dept. (which I...
  7. trooperdude

    National Hurricane Operational Plan- 2009

    Warning 2 Mb PDF file
  8. R

    Help With These Frequencies

    Can someone please help me decipher these frequencies for me. I am retired from Ford and these are the channels that the IT guy gave me. I have a Uniden BC 246T scanner and I would like to listen in on whats going on but don't know what this is to bring it in my software (ARC246). Thanks Bob...
  9. F

    Offset Frequencies

    Can someone please explain base & offset frequencies and where I can find them listed? Thanks
  10. D

    Newbie Seeks Hot Atlanta Pro-95 / Win95 File Database

    I'm a computer scanning newbie plinking on my RadioShack dual trunking Pro-95 scanner (No snickering at my dinosaur, please... ;-) And I stumbled across this great website and the forums and signed up. I know this is the install forum, but it looks like the closest thing to what I'm interested...
  11. C

    New in town [Brooke Co WV]

    Hi I am new in the area of Brooke County WV and am searching for their local police/fire/ambulance/etc codes. Does anyone have them or know where I can get them so I can reprogram my scanner? If so, please mail me at Thanks very much! Cat
  12. W

    Freq. for Middlesex County NJ?

    Hi guys. I live in South Plainfield NJ and would like all the frequencies my Bearcat BC860XLT can pick up such as police, fire, ems etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. B

    Yorktown, Hampton area frequencies

    I am looking for the best way to program police/ems frequencies for the Yorktown, Hampton area. Can anyone help bring me up to speed on this. I am a newbie to the scanning world. I have a BCD396T. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. kb9akp

    SouthPark Mall Freqs?

    I was looking for security/ops frequencies for the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte and can't seem to find anything. Anyone know what freqs they use? Thanks, Zeke
  15. bReed11091

    Michigan ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Frequency Information

    I'm working on a project to gather ARES/RACES/SKYWARN information for the State of Michigan and plot it on a map for easy location reference. The map will be modeled after this one at The point of this project is to provide emergency coordinators and...
  16. S

    Question about Scanner??

    I was wondering, I just bought a Radio Shack Pro-2054. I wanted to know if lets say the police get a call and the frequency is showing up on the scanner, will it say like Netcong PD or something? Also like if medics are talking. Will it come up as Medics? Thanks for the help
  17. S

    Need Help with Findind Frequencies

    I need to know the Netcong Police Frequency. They are dispatched from the county. Does anyone know? Also I need to know the Morris County Park Police Frequency too. Thanks so much!
  18. 8


    does anybody have any good frequencies for manchester airport in the uk not the manchester in the U.S
  19. S

    KSP Post 12 Frequencies

    What are the frequencies for Kentucky state police post 12??
  20. M

    A little lost

    Thank you for posting "New Member" info for guys like me, I will do my best to avoid common rookie mistakes. I searched the database for frequencies in my area (San Diego County California) and was unable to identify what is exactly what. I didn't seem to find any Police frequencies for the area...