1. D

    Texas Military Activity and Frequencies

    With all of the military bases in Texas There should be a lot of activity. I thought I will try to restart the Texas Military Activity and Frequencies thread. Here is some new frequencies for Randolph AFB. 139.575 Randolph Hangover SOF or TEXAN Ops 149.250 Randolph T-1 T-38 Moc PTD 149.875...
  2. K

    Vertex Standard VX160U

    Hi all, I want to program my radio to the frequencies on a Vertex Standard VX160U. I can't find the frequency list for this model anywhere, does anyone have it? I have the following information on the radio: Vertex Standard VX-160 Spec and I have the manual here: Vertex Standard VX-160U...
  3. P

    Baofeng BF-888s

    Purchased the Baofeng BF-888S and can't find much information on the frequencies that the radio came programed with, this was purchased through Amazon and I really would like to know if these radios are license free with the programming that came in them and can be used in the U.S.
  4. 2

    Looking for handheld scanner for wireless microphone frequencies (500 MHz to 600 MHz)

    I am looking for a portable/handheld scanner that will lawfully pickup wireless microphone activity in the 500 MHz to 600 MHz frequency range (i.e. something I can take to an event like a Nascar race or a sporting event to be able to hear the commentary from the wireless mics used by the media...
  5. D

    Freescan: Import from RR problem

    When I import from Freescan software by clicking Files, Import and from RadioReference Conventional.... I make my choice to select some frequencies and I click import. All work exept the Frequencies, the first three digits are ok and the five last digits after the dot indicated 00000 all the...
  6. Bangorman11

    Frequencies for my local school bus and city bus companies

    Hello everyone I have a question I am from the Bangor Maine area i would like some assistance on funding the frequencies for my local school and transit agencies and what tone they use The one for the bat community connector that is listed in the database that frequency doesn’t work or no...
  7. J

    Fast food frequencies

    OK, it's a little weird, but I wouldn't mind plugging in some fast food frequencies to listen in. I remember getting them over my scanner back in the old days. Can you still pick these places up? There are a bunch of them right down the road from me. Where would I look for the frequencies...
  8. F

    Need Help w Kirkland Fire & Police Freq

    Hey there. I'm totally new but working hard to learn. I currently own a BAOFENG UV-5R+Plus and need help finding and adding the frequencies for: Kirkland, WA - Fire Kirkland, WA - Police I saw something a "T _ _ _ _ _ " but I only see where I can program 6 digits. Please help. Thanks!
  9. I

    UBX125XLT help

    Hi, Apologies up front but I am new to scanning and based on recommendations I have just purchased this scanner from Radio World here in the UK. I opted to have the following added to the scanner: 264 Pre-programmed Airband (UK) Channels and also 190 Pre-programmed Military Airband (UK)...
  10. S

    Business Radio license

    Hey I am planing to buy radios for our business and I have my business license. Can I operate on business frequencys in the business license?
  11. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  12. SlipNutz15

    Snyder/Union 911 “Central” merger questions

    Since Snyder and Union counties merged, they now go by “Central” on the radio. Did the frequency designations change for the counties or are they still Snyder Fire 1/Dispatch, Union Fire 1/Diapatch, Snyder Med, Union Med, etc. or did they rename them to Central X...?
  13. R

    Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airpoirt (KAVP) Airshow 2017 Frequencies

    For anyone interested the F22 Raptor is inbound now to KAVP @ 932AM Here is what I've heard so far as far as frequencies 132.95 Airshow Ground Frequency 118.7 Airshow T/A - This is static aircraft parking
  14. Thats0Brandon

    Niagara Regional Search & Rescue

    Dear Forum, My family owns a media company that focuses on things in the Niagara Region. We currently just got through moving the business from Fort Erie to Welland and we are also planning on opening other locations very soon in different cities. With all of that being said, we work very...
  15. S

    Ht1250 Freq ranges

    hello, So I have 2 HT1250 radios the one has worked well for me so i wanted to buy a back up.bought the second one thinking all ht1250 would have the freq range. Radio #1 range is 136-174 radio #2 is 403-470 is there a way to get radio #2 to work in the lower range, and if so how or do i need...
  16. S

    The Quebec-Gatineau Railway frequencies

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to know Québec-Gatineau Railway frequencies, I'm giving it to you. Here it is. 161.265 160.605 163.980 160.815 161.265
  17. W

    Missing Transmit Frequencies

    Does anyone have the transmit frequencies for Hardin County? Almost all are missing. Also, if I were looking for other Transmit Frequencies in other counties, how would one find them out using the FCC database? Thanks!
  18. S

    Scanning Analog frequencies

    Hi i have 2 SDR's using unitrunker and dsd+ fastlane to pickup an edacs96 trunking system. all working well. My main question I would like to be able to scan through a list of analog non trunking stations for fire brigade and other standard frequencies. I have seen I can use sdrsharp to tune...
  19. W

    Home Patrol 1 Help

    I purchased a home patrol 1 scanner that I'm really excited about getting. I choose this one because it looked pretty simple to use. I live in Wayne County, MI and I'm hoping to listen to Westland PD and FD, along with some surrounding cities. I've done so researched and saw that Livonia and...
  20. M

    Sentinel Software freq database

    So.. I've played with my new BCD436HP scanner for about, maybe, a half hour so far. I'm coming from a Radio Shack pro-34 scanner, so you'll probably see me here asking questions over the next few weeks+ :) I installed the Sentinel software and plugged in my scanner with the mini-usb cable...