1. kf6olc

    13 Frequencies You Need in Your Scanner for 2024

  2. P

    To GMRS users, how would you feel about this?

    I have two scenarios for this. Scenario 1: The FCC has decided to listen to the people and upgraded the FRS/GMRS band making it similar to PMR446 in the EU. What this comes with; - Extention of the FM GMRS channels by adding 15 more channels (5 HT-HT, 5 extra duplexed channels.) - And adding 20...
  3. L3KDE

    CPS 2.0 Copyable FRS and GMRS Channel Lists / Codeplug Paste

    You can copy the below XML code, then right click in the "Zones" section of CPS 2.0 and click "Paste" and it will create zones for you for FRS and GMRS, respectively. Please note: Do not use this to transmit GMRS or FRS on non-GMRS / FRS licensed radios. Remember, FRS and GMRS are licensed to...
  4. D

    Hearing digital on FRS 1 in Toronto

    Over the last few years, I've been hearing digital mode on FRS in Southern Ontario. Specifically, FRS 1 when in Toronto/Mississauga. It seems to always hog the channel. What might this be and is it even legal for someone to do this? Here is what's going on:
  5. HavenBTS

    462.675 Atlantic City, NJ

    I am receiving a CW ID on 462.675 in Atlantic City. CTCSS/DCS scan is on but does not decode anything. This is not either of the two nearby repeaters ACY675 in Atlantic City or LEH675 in Little Egg Harbor Twp. Does anyone know what I am receiving? Is it an unlisted or new repeater?
  6. thenikonknight


    Hello. I am interested in the BAOFENG BF-T8 radios. I like the form factor and that they're inexpensive. However, before purchasing, I'd like to know if I need a license to operate that radio? I don't want to get in trouble or get fined. The radio would be for family use only during hiking...
  7. H

    TYT GMRS mobile and FRS handheld radios submitted to FCC certification

    GMRS mobile 5W/25W: FCC ID POD-GMRS25 Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD FCC - OET TCB Form 731 Grant of Equipment Authorization FRS handheld 2W: FCC ID POD-FRS Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD
  8. AK4FD

    NXDN system on FRS???

    Hey guys, So I am sitting here at home in the Maiden area (Catawba County), scanning all the GMRS/FRS/MURS channels like I always do everyday and just a few minutes ago I hear Control Channel-type activity on FRS Channel-7!! I went to my recording and confirmed it. It's on 462.7125 and it's...
  9. H

    better range???

    I have recently purchased a couple of Baofeng F8HP talkies and was expecting to get a bit more range out of them. I was only able to get about 800meters in good conditions. Is there a way to get better distance on the frs or gmrs channels.?
  10. Jaofeng

    Baofeng on FRS channels

    Hello, I recently purchased a Baofeng BF-F9V2+. I do not have any licenses yet. After reading multiple forums, it seems that it would be illegal for me to transmit on FRS frequencies. However, from the FCC website, my understanding is that FRS channels are free to use so long as the...
  11. spareparts

    Non-profit users of FRS / GMRS radio at 1.5W power

    So here the question: A non-profit (Church, museum, school as examples) may or not use FRS/GMRS portable radios at 1.5W of power? For background, the radio fleet is a mix of bubble pack radios and baofengs. The subtleties of a 16 Chanel radio and what channels to use at what power level...
  12. K

    Medical Dispatch heard on FRS ch 14 in S.E. MI. tonight.

    Strangest thing. I was receiving medical dispatch transmissions on FRS Channel 14 tonight, here in south east Michigan. Tones and all. At first I though I had misnamed a channel on my programmable radio but then I verified it with my bubble pack FRS/GMRS radio. FRS ch14 (467.7125) is NOT a...
  13. H

    Range for Baofeng FRS?

    Hello, I am interested in buying these Baofeng FRS radios for my friends and I as some of them are taking an interest in radio and they would all like a way for us to communicate basically using radio at a reasonable price. I am wondering how much I can expect for range, and yes, I am aware that...
  14. T

    Baofeng 888's / Motorola Talkabout

    Good mornin everyone. I just started working at a job that uses Motorola Talkabout radios to communicate. I do not currently own one of these radios and they want me to purchase one. I'm on a very tight budget and own several Baofeng 888's radios and a programming cable. I was going to try and...
  15. K

    Building a GMRS repeater from two M-1225 mobiles

    hi everybody, just was wondering when i go into the external accessories to do "the pin locations" what profile works the best for the cheap interface cables you can get from Ebay..? right now i have it set as "General I/O" "Power -up Delay as 0.5...
  16. S

    Bubble Pack Bandwidth Question

    What bandwidth do "bubble pack" radios use to transmit on the interstitial channels 1-7? All the bubble packs are combo GMRS and FRS radios these days, and unlicensed users can transmit on the shared interstitial FRS / GMRS frequencies (usually channels 1-7) as long as they have their radios set...
  17. V

    Getting a "Walkie-Talkie" for FRS Use

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right topic to put this in, but here we go anyway. I am looking basically for a walkie-talkie. I want something that won't require a license to use and won't be illegal to use. Not anything too expensive (under $100) and comes with 3-4 units that can...
  18. K

    FRS and Summer Break

    Hello I wanted to know if people notice that the FRS has a ton load of kids on it in the summer because of their break. Does anybody else notice this?
  19. G

    MURS Assistance Needed

    I know that MURS radios cannot exceed 2 watts. They cost about $175+. I have found a Two-Way radio that is User-Programmable that I can program to that frequency/frequencies. But, its 5 watts, when I program it will it go down to 2 watts or can I use it? Just trying to save money! (These are...
  20. R

    Quick Question about CB Range

    Hey! This is actually my first post on I am glad that I finally signed up as I have read many posts that were helpful before, but I have a question that is sort of unique. I was hoping to find a radio service that doesn't requre a license that will reliably communicate 5.5...