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    Mexican Traffic on 462.5750

    I live in Sierra Vista (about 12 miles from the Mexican border). I purchased a HomePatrol about a year ago but only used it for road trips. Monitoring the Monument Fire kindled (pun intended) my interest in scanning. I just added unlicensed bands (CB, FRS, etc.) to thanks to another post on...
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    Cordless phone clearly leaks onto 462.700?

    Is it common for really old cordless phones to leak onto frequencies in the 440mhz band? This came over my radio today and I thought it was very strange. "07" is the FRS channel 7. YouTube - Cordless phone leaks conversation over 440 mhz GMRS frequency. Anybody else pick up things like this...
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    NYC DJ on GMRS/FRS CH 1 462.5875

    He plays music for hours both hiphop & rock. He flat out start cursing telling people to get of his channel. I heard him around 11:00 pm. After arguing with some one he identify himself as "31 flavors" from the Bronx. He must be using a mobile since i hear him clear from brooklyn. Anybody heard...