1. J

    GMRS and Linking

    The GMRS Linked Network has been running for a year now and growing everyday. With that being said if you have a GMRS callsign and no repeaters around you or you own a Repeater then you might want to check out The GMRS Linked Network. They have plug and play simplex Nodes ready to go. The...
  2. H

    'Tis the Season... Bubble Packs return like the Swallows of Capistrano

    FRS/GMRS: There's a couple of kids that have continued using their bubble packs, on and off, for more than a year since I've been at this location. Of course, they ramp up operations during breaks; especially over Christmas. Adults are apparently getting bubble packs and Bull Frog radios around...
  3. U

    I need help getting my radios talking to each other.

    I have 6 of these types of radios with 16 channels: and they all talk to each other, even different brands. I have 4 of these 22 channel radios and they are suppose to have a 5 mile range. They can hear the 16 channel radios, but when these 22 channel...
  4. I

    Another FRS/GMRS Question:

    I've been hearing sporadically on FRS/GMRS channel 16 and every now and then I hear a school bus dispatch coming over the air. Now I realize in Canada it's perfectly legal to use this radio service for a business but it seems rather odd to me. Especially when they are giving out parents &...
  5. I

    FRS Channel 3 (462.61250mHz)

    Does anyone in the Durham Region area kow what causes the interference on FRS Channel 3 (462.61250)? I've been curious for a while, it always just comes in as a skipping sound when it breaks the squelch. Is there something or someone in the area that uses a business frequency that interferes...
  6. TennFordTN

    FRS or MURS?

    I'm new to these forums and recently new to the radio waves but I have a question. MURS or FRS? I own a little more than 100 acres of half-flat, half-hill property with extensive amount of trees and hills. My family and I, and sometimes friends, use this property (or as we call it, the "farm")...
  7. W

    Motorola 2 way frequencies

    When using the sub channels,ie. ch 21 and 54 of the privacy codes, does that alter the frequency used? Is there a listing of them if so?
  8. F

    Motorola hsn4035 amplified speaker- FRS?

    I would like to run this amplified speaker off of the earphone jack of an FRS radio. I want to be able to use it as a wireless PA system. What kind of matching transformer arrangement would I need? When I hook it up directly I can barely hear anything, I'm assuming it's due to the mis matched...
  9. C

    FRS/GMRS use after an EMP

    Hi all, First time poster on the site. I'm looking for specific information to protect my FRS/GMRS radios from an EMP or other natural occuring event that is similar. I have been building and testing several Faraday cages to block out the over powering RF/radiative signals caused by these...