1. wenzeslaus

    what do these trimmers do?

    I'm sure you are all familiar with the Grundig FR-200. AM/FM and SW in 2 bands. took it all apart working on some other stuff, what do these trimmers do? and I don't see anything for FM also VC1 and VC2 have screws sticking out all crooked. VC1 isn't even on the PCB straight. what's up with...
  2. wenzeslaus

    custom dial for Grundig FR-200

    Grundig FR-200 made a new dial, it would look like this closeup need to print it out, laminate, and install still got some room at the bottom. don't know what else to put in there.
  3. Andy3

    New Radio advice?

    Just joined and I'm looking for advice. My Sony 7600GR has bitten the dust (don't ask) and I'm looking for a similar type of portable, but better on AM (medium wave). The Sony was just about OK but MW reception of weak signals was spoilt by noise. This seems to be a problem with modern...
  4. Delta

    Shortwave Receiver / General Coverage.

    Hello. =) What shortwave or general coverage receiver would you recommend? I have search through many different types such as the Grundig Satellit 750. I really enjoy the look of the FRG-100, but I realized it was long discontinued. Now I'm looking at radios between the Satellit 750, The Yaesu...
  5. jcop225

    broadcast shortwave mode

    I would like to know the mode in which Broadcast shortwave signals are transmitted in, beceause I have the Eton/Grundig mini 300PE( ). This is basic shortwave receiver but the "41meter" band fully encompasses the 40 meter amateur band...