1. Andy3

    New Radio advice?

    Just joined and I'm looking for advice. My Sony 7600GR has bitten the dust (don't ask) and I'm looking for a similar type of portable, but better on AM (medium wave). The Sony was just about OK but MW reception of weak signals was spoilt by noise. This seems to be a problem with modern...
  2. Delta

    Shortwave Receiver / General Coverage.

    Hello. =) What shortwave or general coverage receiver would you recommend? I have search through many different types such as the Grundig Satellit 750. I really enjoy the look of the FRG-100, but I realized it was long discontinued. Now I'm looking at radios between the Satellit 750, The Yaesu...
  3. jcop225

    broadcast shortwave mode

    I would like to know the mode in which Broadcast shortwave signals are transmitted in, beceause I have the Eton/Grundig mini 300PE( ). This is basic shortwave receiver but the "41meter" band fully encompasses the 40 meter amateur band...