1. Buttabean

    GSP Georgia State Patrol Frequencies/Analog or Digital

    Im trying to find out what frequencies listed on the database are used for GSP Car-Car transmitting between patrol cars. And im gonna assume they use the common mode of P25 digital on the C2C channel but for the moment i dont see any frequencies listed or alpha tagged for C2C comms so i was...
  2. A

    North and Central GA MIA GSP channels

    I'm enjoying my new BCD996P2 and have mostly figured it out. I'm finding a few odd things with the GSP channels, and I am relying on the RadioReference database. Here in Atlanta with a Ringo Ranger RX2b on my roof tuned to 155 MHz, I receive some GSP posts quite far away -- for example, I...
  3. Joseph11

    Ocean County NJSP Talkgroups

    I'm looking for clarification on which NJSP talkgroups cover Ocean County, specifically the Toms River/Berkeley/Lacey areas (GSP exits 83-74). I'm assuming C3-04 (36592) and C6-11 (26960). Can anyone confirm these? Are there any additional? Thanks!
  4. daugherh

    GSP NOAA Weather Radio Question

    I happened to tune to WXJ21 (162.550 MHz) about 3:15 PM today, Sunday July 21 2013 and noticed that the broadcast fluctuated between the normal computer generated voice you normally hear and what sounded like a true human talking into the mic. Anyone know if the transmitter is having problems or...